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    Mongolian police and fire services badges

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    One never thinks of Mongolia even having it's own Police - a most complete set, but , one has to say, they are very Russian in their appearance and quality. This must be exactly what we all wanted to see for knowledge and interest.

    Have you read any of Conn Iggulden's books on the history of Genghis Khan. They are written as novels, but are quite brilliant. I am reading his most recent one at present.

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    Mongolia certainly has its own police. Has had them since the 1920s. Some rather nicer than your average police person.

    There is a lot of writing out there about Chengis Khan, much of it utter rubbish. (Actually, the recent film isn't bad, though all "Inner" Moingolians and Buriats.)

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    Hey Ed,

    The lady on the left is wearing a diamond shaped (I assume an institute of higher learning) badge above her left pocket... do you have a better image of that badge? I'm seeing what I believe is some "red" at the very top (maybe a small star) and was wondering if this may have been awarded during the Socialist years.

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