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    Guest Rick Research

    Appalling :speechless1: condition, but oh for boxes and boxes and boxes of THOSE!!!!!

    Naval Station Kiel "newspaper" (Orders of the Day) on EVERYTHING-- promotions (officers AND ratings!!!!), transfers, test scores, awards of the 12 years long service medal, regulations for courses...

    Ach, such DATA!!!!!!!!!! :jumping:

    The sad thing is there probably ARE boxes and boxes and rooms full of these... but the German Naval Archives (staffed with lifetime bureaucrats of the worst sort) are of the opinion that nobody can LOOK at ANYTHING... ever.

    It's ALL ... :unsure: STILL "SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECRET." :rolleyes:

    Great job-- show up at a locked building with 150 years of papers, lock the door behind, sip coffee, watch TV, retire after 40 years with a Bundesverdienstkreuz and a lovely pension. Never let anybody see anything.

    Why-- the vast Official Building could be completely empty, and none of us subhumans would be any the wiser. Nice racket.

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