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    Hi All,

    I have concerns about the originality of this wound badge.

    The stippling first gave me cause for concern but the badge itself doesn't 'feel' right, or look right when in hand.

    It's made of a non-ferrous metal. Although the quality is quite good, I think its fake.

    Any opinions chaps?

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    • 4 weeks later...

    I am also leery of this badge. The stippling looks flawed and does not seem to match any known original. The base metal does not appear to be correct either. Except for some zinc examples by Eugen Schmidth?ussler of Pforzheim, (E.S.P.) these badges were stamped from either brass or steel. Since this badge is made of some gray-colored base metal, but is non-magnetic, that would also be cause for alarm. Scary that now even common pieces, such as a Wound Badge in Black, are being faked to this degree. The German military collector of today must always scrutinize even the most common of items.

    Best regards,


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