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    ONLY 11 of the possible 12

    Guest Rick Research

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    Guest Rick Research

    Scanned by Yrs Truly as this passed through with the Traveling Museum. :cheers:

    OK, so the only battle he "missed" was Fuentes d'Onor-- but only 4 KGL artillerymen later got bars for that battle. More accurately, 11 of 11 bars to enlsted KGL artillerymen except for those stray four. It was a trick title. :rolleyes:

    Bars from bottom up =

    Talavera (27-28 July 1809: 3,107 bars of which 58 to this branch of the KGL)

    Busaco (27 September 1810: 3,522/51)

    Albuhera (16 May 1811: 2,413/53)

    Ciudad Rodrigo (8-19 January 1812: 3,208/23)

    Badajoz (17 March and 6 April 1812: 3,595/9)

    Salamanca (22 July 1812: 6,791/48)

    Vittoria (21 June 1813: 10,244/52)

    Pyrenees (28 July-2 August 1813: 6,331/32)

    St. Sebastian (17 July-8 September 1813: 2,619/32)

    Orthes (27 February 1814: 5,597/45)

    Toulouse (10 April 1814: 8,309/56)

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    Guest Rick Research

    Frankly, I am nonplussed--staggered, really-- at how the Official British Price Guides arbitrarily arrive at "we can't really be BOTHERED to figure out what EXACT combinations to REAL units are actually quote unquote worth."

    "Deduct 25% for KGL," they sniff.


    Please advise where the OTHER EIGHT Badajoz bars are to KGL Artillery, then. :catjava:

    ( :unsure: I think Setters Of British MGS Medal quote unquote Official Prices are insane. :rolleyes:)

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    Fuentes d'Onor - stick it on, no one will ever notice.

    And is there room to manouevre on that 25% discount?

    Lovely, I've never had a "close look" at the MGS, they've consistemtly been out of my price range really, apart from the 1970's when I was too busy blowing army pay on everything apart from militaria.

    If I did'nt trip over it then I did'nt see it so did'nt buy it.

    Blinkered or what?

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    Guest Rick Research

    If you like this one, have ANOTHER ''similar'' to share. Much backlog of visiting beauties. Got to bed at 1:30 AM which isn't good at my advanced age. :rolleyes:

    Am ALSO bemused-- used as I am to very modern "easily" obtainable mass produced German items in far greater numbers being considered "rare"-- at Official British Price Guides assertions (sniff) that multiple bars really don't add much value. I suppose since "everybody" got the same :sleep: combinations...

    that would be the 50 or less or so "somebodies?" The, uh, 50-or-so-somebodies who got a Medal in 1850?

    This being, uh, last time I looked... 2009.

    Is anyone who issues Official British Price Guides SANE? :speechless1: :catjava:

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    Amazing, I'd like one to the 5th Foot, the men who earned the scornful label of "goose sh*t green" as a reference to their "muddy green" facings from the French.

    Goose sh*t or not, they also earned the soubriquet "The Duke of Wellington's Bodyguard" in reference to their smartness as his guard.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Now sit back, boys and girls. Today I came across August Finkam's 1901 collection pamphlet--

    which states that the only KGL companies which got the bar "Pyrenees" were 4th Foot Battery (4. Fu? Batterie) so that is where Driver Lindemann was serving (see also Husar Nels's medal) and

    of the TOTAL of 1,230 GSMs awarded to the KGL...


    15 had 11 bars-- and we have had the never-again-in-a-lifetime privilege of seeing (and me of handling) 2 of those 15!!!! :jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping::jumping:


    British "Official Prices Guides" be well and truly ***-******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Guest Rick Research

    200th anniversary of the beginning of the siege of St. Sebastian 17 July 1813-2013.

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