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    Bulgarian Army Driver's Badge.

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    The first time I've posted on this section pof the forum I think - so naturally, it's because I want something........

    I bought this badge 4 or 5 years ago, as a Bulgarian army driver's badge, circa 1920's.

    Obviously, when it arrived, it had the appearance of just having been made, so my question is, is it a genuine badge & if so frome which era please?

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    Guest Rick Research

    That's a racing car from that period, so seems to be for some sort of civilian motor sport.

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    It's a military driver's badge, but IMO this one is shortly postwar. The wartime ones have a crown. Of course, very often the crowns were removed at the end of the war, but this badge does not have even a hole for the crown. So, I think it is shortly postwar. Still this is good, because the badge looks genuine to me. Lots of unfinished ones have been found somewhere years ago and were better or worse finished and flooded the market, but from what I see here, this one looks good.

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