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    Kokoshnik marks Imperial Russian Orders


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    Hi All,

    Can anyone advise if there is a standard reference work for identifying "Kokoshnik" marks on Imperial Russian Awards?

    I have seen 3 awards for which I am trying to identify the maker and era of manufacture. Can anyone advise?

    What is the significance of the "56"?

    Also I think the black enamel St. Anne award is unusual. I have seen St. Stanislaus with black enamel from the late 19th century but never a St. Anne can anyone advise?

    Thanks and Regards,

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    I use the "Guide to Russian Silver Hallmarks" by Paul Paulson

    This is usual available on ebay.

    The 56 mark on your order is the Gold content mark 56 gold is approx 14Kt U.S.

    Your order using a mix of Red an yellow gold.

    The makers marks should be on the arms of the orders under the enamel.

    Same on gold or silver versions of the orders.

    The so called black enamel is an early order 1880's-90's

    and command higher prices.

    I received 12,000 U.S. for a damaged St Stan. just last year.


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    Theres another newer publication out as well.

    "Russian Silversmiths Hallmarks"

    by Geoffrey Watts

    I dont have this book so cant advise spending $100.00.

    Another is "Imperial Russian Makers' Marks on Orders and decorations"

    by Spink. This is a great Publication if you can find one.

    large format paperback.


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    Thank you for your responses Gentlmen.

    One thing that struck me as odd is that on the reverse of the St. Anne there is a right facing "head" which is supposed to indicate 1907-17 manufacture however the black enamel would seem to indicate an earlier production.

    Any ideas?

    Also the "scratch" marks, were these part of the manufacturing process or perhaps a jeweller has taken samples to confirm the gold content at some stage?

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    I didnt see the Small kokoshink in the earlier pics.

    So it would seem your St. Anne is from 1908-17 period.

    There should also be a small dot either to the left or the right of the neck of the head

    this would identify the city of manufacture.

    Right dot under chin is St Petersburg left dot Moscow.


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