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    Décorations Militaires

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    The name changes with the ribbon used... But do the "D?coration Militaire" for exceptional service or courage with the ribbon with the wide center red stripe and the "D?coration Militaire" for service (pic below) use the exact same insignia?

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    Merci! :beer:

    Here is what I have regarding this decoration. The web site stated above is the best place to learn more:

    The Military Decoration and The Military Decoration (Article 4) were awarded to Belgium armed force noncoms and other ranks for either long service, acts of bravery or distinguished service. This military decoration was instituted on 22 December 1873. Early in the 20th century; it was divided into two classes. The 2nd Class decoration was awarded after 10 years of service, a further 5 years entitled the recipient to wear a gilt chevron on the ribbon, indicating a 1st Class award. If awarded for bravery or distinguished service (Article 4 of the decoration's statutes), the long service ribbon is changed to a red one bordered by the national Belgian colors. In case of an award for wartime related acts, a silver palm with the royal monogram is affixed on the ribbon.

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