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    This is a nice little Prussian bar I picked up the other day, and my question is, was he an active soldier during WWI or not? My guess is that he probably was not due to the fact that he doesn't have an Iron Cross or Honor Cross associated with the bar. What is everyone else's opinion?



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    maybe yes .... maybe no :rolleyes:

    It is a mid 20s bar when the honour cross did not exist , the DA was given out since 1913 in this type as medal....... so he could have been active during ww1 and got no additional award (but the honour cross 10 years in the future) - or he was not active and just a member in the Vets Organization..... everything is possible....

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    Guest Rick Research

    Very likely an Old Boy, former career NCO back in the day when this was an ugly little pinback brooch and there was no 12 years service medal, so career enlistees only got an IX brooch. He updated it in 1913.

    Here's a 1920s Kyffh?userbund member wearing the world's ugliest dingus after his trio for 1870: M1913 Reserve-Landwehr Medal, 1870/71 Campaign Medal with battle bars, and Wilhelm I Centenary Medal 1897 before the oversized gray monstrosity.

    WW1 service was not required to get that... thing.

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