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    Thought these two items might be of interest to your members. I understand he was a Grand Master. Greytown is inland from Durban in South Africa - about 200 (320kms.) miles from the Coast. A farming area, so draws on quite a large population. I understand that he would have held office in the 1930's. This one is silver gilt - the next one has silver gilt surround and solid gold centre.

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    Thankyou for your reply (I was beginning to think that all the members had gone to that great Hall in the sky ! ) - I'm obviously not a Mason -although my Father was quite senior. I believe the Greytown Lodge has merged - a lot of people don't like travelling these days. Would the one with the gold centre be an important one ?

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    No...Not particularly important, it is worn by every member (companion) who has not been one of the 3 principals of the chapter, then it would have a red ribbon. Saying that it is a lovely jewel and, even in the early 1900's would have been quite expensive.

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