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    Saudi Arabia Uniform Thread: Chocolate Chip Camouflage BDU Circa 1990-91 Gulf War I

    Glory Days

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    BDU's Saudi Armed Forces and various Gulf States Circa 1990-91 Gulf War I.

    IIRC, the company was Saudi owned and produced the uniforms in Guam/Dominican Republic. This is not uncommon, even gear makers regarded to the best engage in this practice.

    Unlike US issue at the time, what I call Saudi Contract Shirts had epaulettes and the Trousers came with metal zippers.

    I believe this pattern was used by Saudi Arabia and various Gulf/Middle Eastern States. These may have also been worn by Western Covert operation groups, etc. IIRC this pattern was also available in Gray and Blue shade.

    Just before the outbreak of the last Gulf War with Iraq, you may have also seen some Iraqi units also wear this camouflage pattern.

    Following the occupation, in recent years, I have noticed Pro western Iraqi and Afgan units also wear a similar or the same.

    If you have information available, two questions:

    1. When was this pattern was first adopted by Saudi Arabia and any other Gulf/Mid East States?

    2. Was this pattern a universal issue within Saudi Arabia/Gulf States, or was it restricted to certain units?

    If you have any other additional information or corrections to what is posted, please feel free to comment.

    This set is Circa 1990-91. Thank you




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    I was there when the Saudis adopted the chocolate-chip style and it was during Gulf War I. Prior to that, they wore a grey colored one. I left in '95 and they had switched over to a new one without the chocolate chips. Although the cut was the same, the camo resembled something between the US and the UK's camo colors. FYI, the French had their own style, which was different too.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for your comments. I received this set directly from the manufactures representative back then.

    If anyone else knows how this vintage pattern and cut differs from the current manufactured Saudi Mid East Gulf State issue, please post details. I'd like to describe these as accurately as possible and note differences in my auction. thank you

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