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    Chinese Communist Saber


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    I have seen a few examples of a saber on eBay but the sellers listed these as Nationalist WWII sabers that were modeled after the Japanese calvary sabers.

    Recently one seller listed this example as a post-WWII saber made by the Communist Chinese.

    Currently, there are two on ebay.



    Any books or websites for more information?

    Hopefully I can get a reply, as many Chinese militaria information is hard to find.

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    This is outside of my area, but I do have a link for you that may be somewhat useful:


    All the best,


    I have seen that link before. They didn't really say when it was from and they don't provide a contact link banger.gif

    Thanks for the help though.

    I found out a little bit more about it. I got one reply in an email that he said that he saw these appear in the gun shows in the mid-1990s.

    Because of that I belive these were probably from the PRC from post 1949 or so. Maybe these were imported along with the old Chinese firearms from China.

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