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    Profiles of Service Series, #17

    (A Collection of Militarymen’s Service and Their Awards)

    By CPT George J. Albert, Jr., CASMR, OMSA # 7180

    10 May 2004

    Major Harold Jay Lovejoy, Battery F, 2nd Battalion, 251st Coast Artillery California National Guard and 3rd Coast Artillery U.S. Army Res.

    (Served 1926-1963)

    This group of medals was a relatively simple and straight forward research project. The named California Service Medal made it possible to identify the recipient, by name and rank, and location: California. It also indicated by it’s type the period of award (1933-1950). The accompanying ribbon bar indicated he served in World War 2, in the Pacific Theater. The collar insignia and Distinguished Unit Insignia (DUI) indicated he served in the California National Guard with the 251st Coast Artillery Regiment prior to the War. The Dog Tags gave his name again, and his wife’s Dog Tag gave her name and address in Long Beach, CA.

    Major Harold J. Lovejoy’s Medals, and Awards:

    American Campaign

    Asiatic Pacific Campaign w/ 2 Br Stars (what he wore)

    World War II Victory Medal

    Armed Forces Reserve Medal (NG) - (entitled to)

    Philippine Liberation Medal w/2 Br Stars (what he wore)

    Type 1, Variety 3, Style B ribbon California National Guard Service Medal #ed 2119 and named “Capt. Harold J. Lovejoy”.

    Expert Marksman Badge with bars: Rifle, Machine Gun, and Pistol4

    Sharpshooter Marksman Badge with bar; Carbine4

    Harold Jay Lovejoy was born on May 10, 19061 in Ceresco, MI4. From incomplete information received from the National Personnel Records Center it appears Harold Lovejoy enlisted in the California National Guard about 1925-1926. He would have been 18 years old in 1924. He attended Long Beach Polytechnic high school, where he partiscipated in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) State Track & Field Meet in 1923 for the 880 yard dash. He attended the University of Southern California from 1924 to 1928. He lettered in Track 1925, 1926, and 1927. He is listed as a Corporal in Battery D, 251st Coast Artillery without a date, but prior to Officer Reserve Course (ORC) on 10 Jun 19274. He graduated from the Officer Reserve Course on 22 Sep 1928 and he is listed as a 2nd Lieutenant, of Infantry as of that date4. From 28 Sep to 28 Dec 1928 Harold attended the Anti Aircraft Battery Officers Course at The Coast Artillery School, Fort Monroe, VA4. This would of made him Artillery qualified, and would only of been done if he were assigned to a Coast Artillery Unit.

    It appears there is confusion as to whether his service was Army Reserve or National Guard. The National Records Center lists his National Guard time as 22 June 1934 to 22 Oct 19384. This is not possible as he was awarded the California Service Medal in 1937 or 1938 and he needed 10 years of state service to qualify. I believe he served from about 1926 to 1938 in the California National Guard, and had no Army Reserve Service at all during this period (except for the Officer Reserve Course). Also Information from the Regimental Historian of the 185th Armored Regiment (LTC Nathaniel Robertson) indicates that 2nd Lt. Harold J. Lovejoy served in Battery F, 2nd Battalion 251 Coast Artillery Regiment (AA) at Long Beach CA. from at least 1932 to 19363. Lovejoy was promoted to Captain in the California National Guard prior to 1938. Also the California Service Medal was not awarded to Lovejoy after the War, as he was not federalized while a member of the National Guard, nor did he serve in the National Guard after the War. So it appears Lovejoy’s California Service Medal was awarded in 1937 or 1938.

    After 22 Oct 1938 there is a break in his service, or he reverts to inactive Reserve Officer Status4. He is next listed as an Active duty Officer on 28 Nov 1942, service number O2414054. He was probably recalled to active duty. The first information on Harold in active status is he is assigned as a student to a refresher Course with the 53rd AA training Battalion, Camp Callan, La Jolla, CA. from 10 May to 19 June 19434. His WW2 Dog tag has the serial # 0-241405 and T-3-40. This means tetanus Mar 1940, which is before the 251st was inducted into Federal Service. Harold is assigned as the Assistant S-3 of the 40th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group from 1 Jul 1943 to 4 Aug 19434. He is next assigned as Assistant S-4 of the 40th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group from 5 Aug 1943 to 29 Dec 19434. He is assigned as Battery Commander, Headquarters Battery, 40th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group from 30 Dec 1943 to 6 July 19444. He is next listed as no duty assigned with the 40th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Group from 12 Jul 1944 to 28 Jul 19444.

    He is next listed as no duty assignment with the 80th Chemical Warfare (CW) Battalion from 29 Jul to 3 Aug 19444. From 5 Aug to 14 Oct 1944 Harold is sent to Fort Bliss, TX . He becomes a student at the Anti-Aircraft Artillery School, Fort Bliss, TX. on 15 Oct 1944 to 6 Jan 19454. Harold is sent to Fort Ord, CA. where he servers as an Escort Officer from 2 Feb to 2 Oct 19454. During this tour Harold must have been in the Philippine Campaigns in some duty assignment to earn 1 or 2 campaign stars to the Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal and the Philippine Liberation Medal. He is next sent to Camp Beale, CA as a Receiving Division Officer from 7 Oct 1945 to 9 May 19464. He was released from Active duty on 23 June 19464.

    There is another break in service, or he again reverts to inactive Reserve Officer Status from 23 Jun 1946 to his assignment to the Active Reserve from 1 Jul 1950 to 4 Nov 1953 (Korean War Period) probably with the 3rd Coast Artillery Regiment4,6. Major Lovejoy was assigned to the Retired Reserves on 15 Feb 19634. He does not appear to have received a retirement award nor the Armed Forces Reserve Medal (NG) he was entitled to. Major Lovejoy died in Bishop, CA on 2 Jan of 1966, at the age of 591.


    #1. Social Security Death Records 1937-1995.

    Harold Lovejoy’s Social Security # was 557-16-6359, SS# issued in: CA. Capt. Harold J. Lovejoy died in Jan 19661.

    Wife: Ruth Lovejoy, SS#: 549-09-3706, SS# issued in: CA, Birth date: Nov 20, 1909, Death date: May 20, 1995, ZIP Code of last known residence: 93514

    Primary location associated with this ZIP Code: Bishop, California1.

    #2. California Center for Military History, Unit History 251st Coast Artillery.

    #3. Information from Regimental Historian 185th Armored Regiment (LTC Nathaniel Roberson) on Captain Lovejoy: “I have found that 2LT Harold J. Lovejoy, Battery F,

    251CA(AA), Long Beach, is on two documents --- from AT32 and a non-identified document circa 1950 listing him as a 2LT Battery F, circa AT34/6. However, nothing since”.

    #4. Sent SF-180 to National Personnel Records Center 10 Feb 2004, received reply 10 May 2004: They list all awards except Armed Forces Reserve medal, and California Service Medal, including marksman badges. Also supplied dates and units served in, and trainings, including Army Reserve data, and some National Guard data.

    #5. Sent SF-180 to California State Office of the Adjutant General (OTAG) 13 Apr 2004. No response.

    #6. Note: This Group came with the following:

    Ribbon Bar:

    American Campaign; Asiatic Pacific Campaign w/2 Br. Stars; World War II Victory Medal w Br Star (star does not belong on Victory ribbon - removed); Philippine Liberation Medal w/ 2 Br Stars; California National Guard Service Medal with bear device (should not have bear device - removed).

    Medals, etc.:

    Type 1, Variety 3, Style B ribbon California National Guard Service Medal #ed 2119 and named “Capt. Harold J. Lovejoy”

    One pair officer's US, and officer’s Coast Artillery collar insignia; One pair 3rd Coast Artillery Regiment (Los Angeles) DUIs; One pre-WWII 251st Coast Artillery Cal National Guard DUI; 4 Dog Tags (two with wife’s name).


    Her will of 20 Jun 1932 mentions her nephews, William D., David and Frank Elwell; her niece Margaret Lovejoy Hadden; nephews Lawrence and William B. Hills; nephews John M., Don M., and Harold Lovejoy; her namesake, Esther B. Cottingham; her cousin Helen P. Babson and Ernest B. Grant, the grandson of John7 Babson (#36). She gave her cousin, Mabel, widow of Rev. Winslow Raymond of Seattle, Washington, her opal and diamond ring.1287

    1287 Middlesex Co, MA Probate File unknown file number, #201461


    University of Southern California (USC) Men's Track & Field Letterwinners

    Lovejoy, Harold -- 1925, 26, 27

    When the newly formed Callifornia Interscholastic Federation (CIF) organized the first State Track & Field Meet in 1915 in Fresno, it was the beginning of what is generally acclaimed as the highest quality high school competition in the nation, if not the world. For most of the history of the CIF, it has been the only statewide competition in any sport. Even to participate in the State finals has been the privelege of the few who have been able to survive up to six consecutive weeks of elimination meets, often against the top competition in the nation.

    California State Meet Results - 1915 to present


    1 Earl Lockhart Sacramento SJ # 1:59.0 880Y 1923

    2 Harold Lovejoy LB Poly S 880Y 1923

    3 Mahoney Pacific Grove CC 880Y 1923

    4 Lee Hansen Manual Arts LA 880Y 1923

    S Southern

    LB Poly =Long Beach Polytechnic High School, founded in 1895 as Long Beach High School, is a <A title="High school" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_school">High school located at 1600 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, California, United States.

    The school serves portions of Long Beach, including Bixby Knolls, and some parts of the cities of Signal Hill & Lakewood.


    Called USC 1-213-740-5900 on 24 Sep 2009 about yearbook photo. Received 3 copies, free.

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