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    Photo and documented medal and or uniform groups. Researching the above. I am a Army Field Historian for the California Center for Military History, Captain (CA). I have written articles for the above and for JOMSA. Specialize in Imperial German Colonial/Naval, and ship survivor (all countries) groups.

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  1. Michael you can order his records from the National Personnel Center - using an SF-180 (find online). SF = Standard Form. It has all the information you will need, but you have to have some information on him: Social security number, date of birth and death is about minimum. Captain Albert standard-form-180.pdf
  2. First remark Their are very many "Smart" listing. The best fit I found - Cruise Book. Name: Spcm W D Smart Ship Name: USS Constellation Ship Classification: CVA-64 Year Range: 1967 SPCM - Master Chief Steam Propulsionman (1947-1967) very possible, has a Navy Good Conduct Medal, and 6 other ribbons. Possible: NGC, China Service, WW2 Occupation, National Defense, Korea Service, [Armed Forces Expeditionary (Vietnam) or Vietnam Service], UN Korean Medal. 5 Medal Bars were very typical. I hope this helps. Captain Albert
  3. I once researched a "Korean War" Veteran, who served only in Japan. His DD-214 listed both the US Korea Service Medal and the UN Korean Service Medal. So it is possible. Many units in Japan qualified. Captain Albert
  4. Thanks guys, I know the man and a little of his service - tried to contact him - but no answer. I do have 2 pictures of him, one a verified 1967 cruise book photo on the Hancock. I manged to pick up 2 privately named medals to him thus my interest. George
  5. I'm working on a Vietnam period Navy medal group. I have a question on the normal length of a Vietnam period deployment. He served 1966-1970 and in 1967 was an Apprentice Sailor Gunner's field. He was on the USS Hancock. Thanks George
  6. Would love to see the Navy uniform. Captain Albert
  7. That pattern was used after WW1 (darken type), say 1921 on. George
  8. Yes Hugh and Igor the Blimps were very effective. They were under orders not to engage submarines on the surface, because they were such good large targets. One did and was shot down. Very nervy pilot. These people never got any Air Medals for some reason, a shame. George
  9. Very interesting - I did not know that thanks. I wonder if the conditions had improved by 1914. George
  10. Very interesting - I didn't know that. French Intervention? Do you mean Maximilian? thanks George
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