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    Saddam's Republican Guard Flag, Plate


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    This is a Table Flag for the 2nd. Detachment of the Special Republican Guards. It is a one sided flag, 12.5 in. long, 10 in. wide without the tassels. The tassels are 2.875 in. long.

    Table flags were and still are used in Iraq.

    The eye represents the Special Republican Guards are watching for the security of Saddam, the people and Iraq.

    The eight pointed star is the old Arab - Islamic star.

    Above eye: Special Republican Guard

    Below eye: 2nd. Detachment


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    This is a gift plate for the Special Republican Guards Command. The plate is 6.5 in. dia. and the backing it is attached to is 9.5 in wide and 9.5 in. high. It has a stand on the reverse to prop it up for viewing.

    Middle: All the Iraqi People and Army are our Special Guards

    Below: 28/4/1983

    Special Republican Guards Command


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