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    Here is a painting from a dear friend of mine, he is more interested in the painting technique but for me the orders and ribbons are more of interest offcoarse.

    Can you guys help me to ID the awards? I do know the Iron Cross 1 e class and the ribbon for the second class, but especially the neck cross and blue ribbon are of interest.

    Me think in the direction off Lippe-Detmold or something similar .

    All info on the painitng, uniform, etc ... are equally welcome.

    Looking forward towards you guys replys.


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    Guest Rick Research

    That is one of the Lippe House Order- Commander grades. I can't tell becuase it would have to be clear a "real" looking central rose for Lippe-Detmold or an ugly "stylized" rose for Schaumburg-Lippe,

    but the blue ribbon is the Schaumburg-Lippe Cross for Loyal Service-- their EK2.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Unless somebody knows the face, I'd say impossible-- his cape has been thrown over his shoulder boards (Major to Colonel from the button loop) and he is not wearing any ribbons or medal bar, both of which would probably have worked to identify him.

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    Hi Stijn David,

    To add to the above information. I am inclined to believe that the neck decoration is from Schaumburg-Lippe, not Lippe. I base this on the fact that at some point (help out there?) Schaumburg-Lippe changed the background color of the center medallion of this order from white to red.

    Although the blue should be of a slightly darker shade, the blue and white ribbon with that of the EKII would be consistent with the blue ribbon with white stripes of the Schaumburg-Lippe Cross for Loyal Service which could be translated to their version of a war merit cross.

    I hope that this information is helpful.

    Best wishes,

    Wild Card

    Edited by Wild Card
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