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    German WWI Shoulder Boards - Unit?

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    Here’s what I know and here’s what I do not know:

    There were numerous “29”s in the Imperial German Army. A quick list (reference Cron) – may not be exhaustive –

    Infantry Regiment 29

    Reserve Infantry Regiment 29

    Bavarian Infantry Regiment 29

    Landwehr Infantry Regiment 29

    Erzatz Infantry Regiment 29

    Bavarian Jäger Regiment 29

    Field Artillery Regiment 29

    Reserve Field Artillery Regiment 29

    Pioneer Regiment and Battalion 29

    No Cavalry or Foot Artillery numbered 29

    The threads in the shoulder board are black to my eye and therefore this is from a Prussian if I am seeing correctly.

    As to the branch color – this is a problem for me, as I do not know when the boards were made. Prior to the war, this color was normally that assigned to a Corps area not branch. I do not have a reference at hand delineating the branch or corps colors so I can not testify as to if this is corp or branch or what branch if you are prepared to make that assumption.


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    This could be a pre-September 1915 board for the Prussian IR 29 or one of it's affiliated reserve units. The corps underlay color was Hellblau or light/bright blue. There is also the possibility that it could be a Litewka or Friedensrock board for the Train Abtlg.Nr.29. There was no prewar Train unit with this number, but it is possible that it was a wartime unit. The Train's "Waffenfarbe" changed from Hellblau to a darker Kaliblau in 1915.


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