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    South American Sun Helmets

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    Many of these appeared in my book Military Sun Helmets of the World, which I wrote with the help of Stuart Bates. But a few didn't make it.

    Circa 1808 Argentine Military Police sun helmet:


    Model 1930 Argentine sun helmet, sometimes called the "casco italiano" as it was based on the Italian M1928 sun helmet.


    A variation of the Model 1930 sun helmet, it appears this owner wore it "backwards" with the small brim to the front.


    An oversized, private purchase and/or officer's pattern. This helmet is huge!


    An American style pressed fiber helmet from the late 1940s with the Argentine badge:


    A Brazilian helmet. While not really a "sun helmet" these were copies of the French "Adrian" helmet but were made of a waterproof fiber and were used as sun helmets in the late 1930s:


    A Gran Chaco era sun helmet from Paraguay. This was likely Argentine-made, and painted to match the brown Paraguayian uniforms and to possibly waterproof it.


    A Peruvian Civil Guard Cavalry helmet of the type used in the 1940 war with Ecuador. It is a French Model 1931 helmet that has been dyed greenish/blue to match the uniforms.


    An Uruguayan army sun helmet. It is a French Model 1931 helmet that was either imported from France, or a South American made copy.


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