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Some of my new Victroy Medals

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2. Next South Africa bilingual Victory medal


Sutherland Komandos

From where I can find more information about this unit? Any good link maybeunsure.gif I tried to Google but no luck.

Also what means BURG???

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I'm not an expert in South African ODM, but I suspect the Kommando medal is rarer (assuming by namings you're asking which unit is rarer). I suppose it depends what unit the sapper served in and so on. I love those regional units though; lots of interesting QSAs out there in that regard. The engineer's medal is probably easier to research though, yes?

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Kommando named medals are certainly not as common as the British named units - however, many citizens of Afrikaans background joined for service in WW1. Bi-lingual Victory medals are quite sought after.

At the beginning of the 1st. WW a number of Afrikaans units and the local people around Carnarvon in the Eastern Cape went into open rebellion.The suppression was quite brutal and it is interesting that it was the local colonel of the Carnarvon Commando - an Afrikaaner - who led the local troops against them. He had the DSO for SWA and a sealed OBE for non-specified activities. We later found out it was for the rebellion.

Well done, Noor.

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