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If you mean British medals awarded for campaigns in Canada, there were four:

The Military General Service Medal with various bars for battles in the War of 1812

The Naval General Service Medal also with various bars for ship actions in the War of 1812

The North West Rebellion Medal for the Riel rebellion [1885]

The Canadian Military General Service Medal [1860-1866] with various bars for the Fenian Raids in the period 1860-1866 and the first Riel rebellion [1870]

plus the various British medals Canadians qualified for in various colonial campaigns: the Egypt Medal; The Queen's and King's South Africa medal and the various mmedals for the two World Wars and Korea.

Canada also used the British orders and gallantry decorations until quite recently, so the VC, DSO, MC and so on were awarded to Canadians until well after the Korean War.

Hope this helps


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