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    Officer's Imperial Shoulderboards - Help Needed on ID's

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    Imperial/Weimar is not my area, so any advice as to what these boards are for will be greatly appreciated. All three appear to be for an Oberstleutnant, but of what? They came in a lot with other items that I am more familiar with.

    Many Thanks!


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    Left to right,

    M15 Oberstleutnant, Prussian VIII Army Corps, 36.Landsturm Batl.

    M10 Oberstleutnant, Prussian Landwehr Bezirkskommando Cöln.

    M10 5.Rheinisches Inf.Rgt.Nr.65. Garrisoned in Köln.

    All three pieces seem to be interrelated due to their Army Corps affiliation. They must have come as a group? Perhaps they even belonged to the same man.


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    Thanks a lot, Chip -

    These came in a grouping from the estate of General der Infanterie Erich Clößner, but since he did not even make Major in the Reichswehr until 1929, the boards could not have belonged to him. Perhaps a relative or someone in his wife's family.


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