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    Austrian Ww1 period ribbon bar

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    Hallo Gents :beer:


    Appears to be only a partial set with two missing from the upper row.

    The ribbons are all the press-stud style that have been sewn together,

    and there is indication that the two bravery awards, and the Karl troop Cross

    had some insignia (crossed swords?)fixed sometime in the past.

    On the back, right-hand side are traces of grey uniform fibres.

    Any suggestions as to what the missing ribbons might have been?

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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    swords on "bravery medal" ribbon could be only for "signum laudis" or wreath for MVK... ... but there was no device on the KTK ribbon... only a miniature of the award... that could be on the bravery medal ribbon so as on KTK...

    Edited by Iver
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    Gentlemen, :beer:

    many thanks for your comments with regards this bar,

    One of the main reasons I took it was the Wound Medal Ribbon without stripes

    so denoting incapacitation due to illness rather than combat.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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