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    It is easier to say what this is not, rather than what it exactly is. It is certainly not an official award of any sort. It is apparently manufactured in the general style of an iron cross as it seems to have a cast iron main body and silver applications to the ends of the cross arms and a silver suspension (Note that it is difficult to determine the exact composition of the piece without a first-hand examination). The suspension ring is made of ribbed stock often seen on items of this age. The one side states "The Great One is not anymore" as best I can translate. It therefore seems to be a memorial cross. The word "victory" appears at the top on the opposite side. There is also the date "D? 19? Juni 1815" (difficult to read). This would correspond with the battles of Quatre Bras and Waterloo roughly. The initials at the center appear to be "W" over "B" (but these are difficult for me to read accurately also). My GUESS is that this is a memorial cross for Friedrich Wilhelm Herzog von Braunschweig (The Black Duke, Duke of Brunswick) who was killed by a GSW at the battle of Quatre Bras of June 16, 1815. Perhaps there was a delay of three (3) days until his memorial service which would explain the 19th date (?). In any case, this would be a privately-purchased memorial piece. It appears to be original and of the period. An interesting piece! Perhaps there is someone out there who could verify or discount my speculation.



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