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    4 German Organizations Badge / Stick Pins

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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Picked up these four different organizations badge / stick pins over the past couple of days. Three, Ive been able to categorize, the fourth on the right has defied all my efforts to find a pigeon hole for it, perhaps a member who specializes in this area may have an idea?.

    Starting Left / Right - (1) Badge 25yrs membership Deutsch Alpine Club - 40mm dia (issued till 1945) (2) membership Deutscher Handlungsgehilfen Verband - 12mm dia, both manufactured by Deschler München (3) small (20mm x 12mm) enamelled stick pin issued to the workforce at Dornier Aircraft Works.(4) small ( 16,5mm x 13mm) black enameled stick pin badge, which I took to be connected with perhaps Deutsche Bund Kriegskameraden Veteran, or something in this vein, but it doesn't exist. Tried different words and word combinations drew a blank, looked through my new Hüsken catalog found nothing. I'm beginning to think perhaps a Freikorp unit, honestly I don't know. Perhaps members may have a idea.


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    Maybe Bund Deutscher Kriegsbeschädigter? The pictures of a couple of the badges from this organisation are not very clear in the new Hüsken, but they are clearer in the previous edition #5702 page 91. They aren't the same but do use the BDK in the arms of the EK like yours.

    Sorry I can't be of better help.



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    Hi Don,

    Thanks for your post. You wasn't so far wrong, I did have a look through my Hüskens catalogs, understood the point you were making. In the meantime, I'd posted a similar thread on WWM, a member to my surprise came up with a picture of "Deutsches Kriegsopfer Jahrbuch 1963" which had a picture of the very same stick pin on it (makes me wonder whether the pin is pre or postwar).

    I do feel, you deserve a better picture than I initially showed here it is. Thanks for your help.



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