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  1. An interesting article, thank you for posting it. I'm sure that there are still many items hidden away that have been forgotten. I recently heard of a school that was doing renovations that found flags & other HJ/Studentbund items hidden for all these years. For info. The gold disc listed as "A medal belonging to the local office of the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt" is actually a belt buckle. Cheers Don
  2. That's a disapointment, but it's better to know than to wonder. Thanks for updating us. Don
  3. Thank you for your replies. I really haven't kept up with how prices have moved beit up or down as I very rarely part with anything in my collection. When I decided to part with a few pieces that were no longer in my area of interest I was taken aback when I was offered a couple of thousand for my Cholm Shield that cost a similar amount to the HSF badge all those years ago & then that the HSF hadn't really changed. I guess that some items increase in interest & therefore value while others do not. Thank you again ūüėé Don
  4. Sorry to bring up the subject of pricing, however 20 years ago I bought the badge shown below for 500 euro. As it has sat in a draw for since the day it arrived & is no longer in my area of interest I thought that I may as well find it a new home. On searching my usual "go to" dealers to try get an idea on current pricing I found that none of them had one in stock. So had to offer it blind & have been offered around 600e to 650e for the badge. Can someone please tell me if I over paid for the piece 20 years ago or has the prices not moved much in that time? Or am I being taken for a ride.... Thanks for any opinions Don
  5. I don't think that I've ever seen one without the mark. However from these pictures I can't see any immediate red flags.
  6. Indeed Chris, & even if images are printed out, a lot of the modern colour printing inks can fade & disappear after a number of years....
  7. Thanks Joe, even more so when you consider that it is a passport size picture so just over 2 inches high!
  8. Almost two years on from your question Robert & I have finally found one!!!
  9. Thank you Gentleman. Joe, I've never seen any signs of lacquer on any of the pieces that I've picked up. I guess it's probably down to them only being worn for a very short period of time compared to membership badges etc.
  10. Glad that you enjoyed it Joe. Here's a set from Landeck's 1941 Kreisschiessen.... Cheers Don
  11. Welcome to the forum. A very impressive site. I would be interested in seeing what else you have. Thanks for sharing Don
  12. Hi Eric, A very nice piece, especially for $7. Yes I can confirm that the ribbons were the same for both of the above awards. Here is one of my Th√ľringer medals with ribbon Cheers Don
  13. Hi, I'm sorry that no one has been able to help you. I'm afraid that these are outside of my collecting area as well so am of little help. Don
  14. Hi Eddie, Thank you for the link to your museum, a fabulous collecion indeed.... So many items that I have never seen. Thanks again Don

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    Ehrenzeichen f√ľr Mitglieder der Feuerwehr Provinz Hannover Made of Zinc hence some loss of finish which is correct. H√ľsken has examples on his site for 650e Some information on the award here (in German I'm afraid) https://www.ehrenzeichen-orden.de/weimarer-republik/ehrenzeichen-fur-mitglieder-der-feuerwehr-provinz-hannover-1934.html



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    Th√ľringer Feuerwehrverband Ehrenabzeichen in bronze for 25 years service. Beautiful condition. Weitze has one without it's ribbon for 850e Some information here http://www.feuerwehr-orden.de/rubriken/historisch/11005.html


  17. It's great to finally see what the reverse set up is like, thank you. Thank you also for the pictures of the "unfinished" piece. I see some differences between the eagle & Swaz on these pieces, whilst the Swastika looks more defined on the "unfinished" piece, the eagle's head leaves something to be desired LOL. Thank you again for answering a 25 year old question for me. Don
  18. Excellent informtion Matthew, thank you. I have spent many years wondering about it, glad that I kept the picture now. I look forward to seeing more pictures if you are willing to share them, thank you. And yes, I can see the railroad eagle now that you mention it. Been a goos week for me what with the Gau Baden info as well.... Many thanks again. Don
  19. Matthew, Have you ever seen this badge before, or know anything about it? It was shown on an old forum about 25 years ago, I saved the picture but have never seen another. Unfortunately only the obverse image was shown... The eagle & Swaz look a little crude to me. Don
  20. Matthew, Thank you for the correction & posting the "in wear" picture. Even after all these years it is still good to learn something new. Don
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