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    SS Polizei Division

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    I'm new here and I'm hoping you can help me with some research I'm doing.

    I'm looking into the uniform and insignia of the SS Polizei Division around late 1942 to early 1943. It's difficult to get a definitive answer regarding their uniforms at this time. I've seen pictures of them in combat in the early part of the war with Heer uniforms and Heer collar tabs with SS sleeve eagles and what appears to be Heer rank badges on the left arm

    Does anybody know what they would have been wearing at around this period?

    I'm also interested in whether or not badges of rank were worn on the arms of regular SS units. Again I've seen differing pictures on this subject. I've seen pics of SS NCO's with the only rank they display being that on their collar tabs and others with more conventional Heer style stripes on the upper left arm as well as the collar tab ranks. Can anybody enlighten me?

    Many thanks


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    Hi Johnny,

    I?m sorry that you feel we?ve let you down in regards to enquires you?ve made. I can only apologise and ask that you don?t feel too badly of us. The site is a little quieter at this time of year with our members recuperating after the festive season. I?m sure, with a little patience, your questions would have been answered or advice given on where to look.

    Anyway, as you say, you?ve found what your looking for, which is pleasing, and I wish you well in the any further research you may be involved in.

    If you feel that we can be of help in the future, please don?t hesitate in posting any enquiries. I can?t promise that we?ll always have the answers but we?ll give of our best in an attempt to help.

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    [Thankyou for that response. I can only apologise for the sarcastic edge to my last post. The very genuine nature of your reply makes me feel all the more humble!!!

    To resolve the issue I actually stuck my hand in my pocket and purchased two books, the best being The Waffen SS, divisions 1-5 by Gordon Williamson. It is an absolutely superb piece of work answering all my questions very thoroughly. If anybody else out there has questions regarding this particular subject I can't recommend this book highly enough. I look forward to buying many more in the series.

    Alternatively post a question on here and I'd certainly try to answer it.



    Edited by Johnny
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