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    #3 - Spain Order of Isabelle the Catholic Breast Star VERIFICATION


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    Greetings. I have just purchased four old Spain Orders which were apparently awarded to a single French Officer of the "Etat Major de la Marine Française" during the French Second Empire while serving in Spain during the époque of the Spanish Queen Isabelle II (the Catholic). Even though I know the dealer somewhat, I would like to verify his information and obtain more, if possible, because I know very little of these type of Orders, which are far from my primary area of collecting French medals. They are beautiful, thus my interest in purchasing them.

    The third is what I was told is the Spain Order of Isabelle the Catholic Breast Star. I attached a low-resolution photo to this posting, but have a high-resolution on PhotoBucket at the following link:


    Look at medal #3

    The information the seller provided me includes :

    The Breast Star was instituted in 1815, for services rendered to Spain. It is Vermillion-coated Silver and enamel, with the mintmark of a "boar". It was manufactured by Halley – a highly-respected French jeweler during the French Second Empire. It measures 7cm and weighs about 60 grams.

    What I would like to know, if possible, are a number of things:

    1. based on the photo, does it appear to be ORIGINAL?

    2. does the information the seller provided by sound correct?

    3. when was it discontinued?

    4. who was eligible to receive it (military / civil), and for what purpose/deed?

    5. assuming this is ORIGINAL, would it be considered RARE (how many were awarded – even an estimate would suffice)?

    6. what would you estimate is the value of this Breast Star (just to give me an idea if I paid a correct price)?

    Any and all information is welcome. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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