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I recently aquired a grouping of BADEN Olt.d.R ROBERT OTTO OCHEL. When I purchased the original grouping, I recieved everything in the pictures. The two best parts of this grouping is the orignal photo and the original document for a HOH3X. I added the EK1, and I have EK2 not shown in the photo. I am planning on completing the grouping throughout 2011. I plan on getting all of the medals for the ribbon bar, his Stammrollen records (copy), and Oblt. Shoulder Boards as I continue to look and talk to other collectors in GMIC.

post-10869-030829800 1292726796_thumb.jp

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I have alot more common stuff that I did not post. I have have alot of common stuff that I just sold. Sorry the pictures are small, but I am only a basic member and I am limited to the size of pictures that I have posted. If anyone would like to get ahold of me, I can send them some better pictures.

It is always nice to share collectiosn with people.

A quick story on how I started collecting. I started researching my realatives who served in the Great War about 7 years ago and started aquiring things to put his medal together, then eventually as I learn more, it naturally became a hobby and I aquired more and more pieces. This is just a sample. My Collection is a tibute to my Great Grandfather Gefreiter d. R Johann Mathias Kacmarzik, Baden Reserve Infantry Regiment 109.

Oblt. d R Robert Ochel served in my Great Grandfather's regiment, so that is why I started a grouping of his. In the future I am going to try to find pictures and more items from his regiment. From 1910-1912, my Great Grandfather served in Füsilier-Regiment Graf Roon (Ostpreuß.) Nr. 33 so that is why I have some things from this regiement.

The other stuff is things that I have colelcted that is hard to find. Eventually i would like to owe an original or 1920's copy PLM.

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