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Lt. der res Alfred "guido" Band 11th bay inf div pio man diary

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complete day to day notes by a LT. alfred "guido" band,

of a pio unit all during the war, 1915-1918

over 400 photos, and 20 maps,1500 pages of writting.

some translations again...

Lt Band has to stay overnight in the Division HQ because he had to move.

He has to be introduced to his new comrades. So he had to go on horseback to see the different positions of the Pionierpark to see the other officers.

He will try to find a new home for himself - away from the danger to be hit by the far-reaching canonfire of the enemy. They could nearly reach all German positions now.

In the night there was a visit an enemy aircraft with bombing. Also in the last night.

He fears that from now on they (the a/c) will come continously.

Weather is very good, very warm like in midsummer. Now he has to finish the letter because he has to go on horseback.

In the evening:

He came back from a 3-hours lasting hose ride what he had done also in the morning of that day.

a few of the translations sofar, enjoy



My dear little wife,

again a week is over; it is Saturday, time passes very quickly. 1st August OLt Schmieder (?) will be back from leave. He was two months on leave and he (Lt Band) would also like to have such a long period of leave. In the moment he only sits out his time and he is not in the position to ask for/ to be on leave.

There are a lot of other officers who are also waiting longer than he for some free time. Especially his Hauptmann (Captain) does not go on leave - so the others have to wait also.

Here is the end of the handwritten letter.

...Stellvertr. (Deputy) Pionier Inspektion München, 28 Oct 1917

Lt der Reserve (reserve) Band, Pionier Komp 21,Pionier Park Komp 21.:

Application not to be suitable any more for the frontline.

Lt Band cannot move before his successor is there to replace him.

Pi Insp recommendet his application because there is a lack of officers in the garrisons.

Even when the 2nd son is not KIA but only having a very strong disorder of his nervous system his applications has to be granted because the sense of the regulation ist to protect the future of the family in the male line.

This is in interpretation from me:

I think the brother of Lt Band had the strong problems with his nervous system

and would not be able to have a family and children. So Band should continue the family tree.

history of the

Here's the 11th Inf. Div. Bayern:

The 11th Bavarian Infantry Division initially served on the Eastern Front, where it fought in the Gorlice-Tarnów Offensive, seeing action at Przemyśl, Lviv (Lemberg), and Chełm (Cholm) and advancing to the Pripyat Marshes by August. The division was then transferred south and participated in the Serbian Campaign. It was in reserve in Syrmia from November 1915 to February 1916, and was then transferred to the Western Front. From March to May 1916, it fought in the Battle of Verdun, and then returned to the Eastern Front. After fighting in the Battle of Kovel, the division went to the Romanian front, where it remained until January 1917. Again it was transferred to the Western Front, initially serving in Upper Alsace. It then fought in the Second Battle of the Aisne, also known as the Third Battle of Champagne (and to the Germans as the Double Battle on the Aisne and in the Champagne). It also saw action in the Battle of Passchendaele. It remained in the line on various parts of the Western Front until the end of April 1918, when it went to the Belgian/Dutch border. The division then fought in the Third Battle of the Aisne and remained in the line near Soissons, seeing action in the Second Battle of the Marne. It then went to Flanders, where it remained until the end of the war. Allied intelligence rated the division as first class.[


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