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one of my last research projects

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Hi guys,

Here is one of my last pick ups and research. Still more details should to be find (and text corrected) but looks like this guy had a impressive service!

Quartermaster Sergeant John Greaney (1837 1xxx)

Crimean War Medal (1854-1856)

Medal has been regimentally impressed to; J.GREANY Nr. 3294 14TH REGT.

Medal has one clasp out of five (four) Sebastopol (The Siege of Sevastopol (sometimes rendered "Sebastopol") was a major siege during the Crimean War, lasting from September 1854 until September 1855) (1)

Crimean War Medal role provides his full name John Greaney under regimental number 3294. Future research using name "Greany" didn't gave any results on the Ancestry web page and on the National Archive.

However, after finding his Service Records (W.O. Form 83), which verify that the second name Greaney is correct and his Crimean War Medal is stamped incorrectly.

The regiment was raised by Sir Edward Hales in 1685 by order of King James II. One of the nine new regiments of foot, raised to meet the Monmouth rebellion it was termed Hales's Regiment. In 1694 the regiment took precedence as the 14th Regiment of Foot. In 1855 the Regiment served in the Crimean war. In 1876 the Prince of Wales, presented new Colours to the 1st Battalion and conferred on the 14th the honoured title of "The Prince of Wales's Own".

During 1880 the British army saw major changes, The "Childers Reforms". The 14th Regiment of Foot was given the title "The Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)" (2).


14th Foot colours 1845

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John Greaney

John Greaney was born in Limerick, St.John’s Parish in 1837. John lists his trade as a laborer and he was Roman Catholic.

Referring to the medical check up, he was 5 feet and 7 inches tall, eyes hazel and hair brown. He enlisted to the 1st Battalion of 14th Regiment of Foot on the 14th February 1854 at the age of 17 years.

After his additional training he was sent to the Crimean War where his regiment took part conquer of Sevastopol what was one of the major siege during the Crimean War, lasting from September 1854 until September 1855. John Greaney stayed in Crimea and Ionian (Corfu) islands for 2 years and 10 months.


During that period he held a rank as a private and his service must be outstanding because he received Good Conduct pay 1st February 1861 and 19 March 1862.

1st September 1863 he got promoted to the rank Paymaster Sergeant and he held this grade next 1 year and 199 days until 17th August 1863.

Then he got promotion on the 18th August 1864 when he was made Sergeant and after 1 year and 164 days of service (13th October 1866) he received a rank Colour Sergeant. His last promotion took place 14th October 1873 when he received a rank Quartermaster Sergeant.

His service was superior all the time without the penalties or court martial punishments. Instead he received extra Good Conduct pay 14th February 1868 and 14th February 1873. On the 14th March 1874 he was granted a Medal for Long Service and Good Conduct and £5 pay.

During his service, he served abroad in total 18 years and 2 months;

Malta 4 years and 2 months

Crimea and Ionian (Corfu) islands 2 years and 10 months

West Indies 4 years and 2 months

East Indies 7 years

John Greaney discharged from active service 1876 at age of 39. On the 19th April 1876 he was awarded a Pension of 2/3 a day for service in the 14th Foot.

He moved back to Ireland and attended to the 2nd Brigade South Irish Division Royal Artillery, The Fort Kinsale (Charles Fort) in Co. Cork, where he continued his service as a Pay Master Sergeant from the 18th May 1877. Kinsale Fort, on the east side of Kinsale Harbour, was a coast defence fort with accommodation for 16 officers and 332 men (6).

During that time he married at the 1877 with his wife Maria Greaney (born 1845 in Cork) and their first child Mary Greaney born 1879 in Macroom where they most likely lived first. Greaney’s family next child George Greaney born 1882 in Kinsale.

After 6 years and 90 days in service with the Auxiliary Forces, he discharged in consequence of his having found medically unfit for future service at 15th August 1883.

Total service towards engagement to 15th August 1883 he had 37 years.

After retirement from the army, Greaney’s family moved to 31 Leah Terrace, London Bridge Road in Dublin, where John worked as a Office Keeper in the Lower Castle Yard (Royal Exchange) in the city centre. His wife Maria worked as a dress maker. Also 1886 they got a third child to the family, who got his father’s name - John Greaney.

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After his service John Greaney was entitled to:

  • Crimean War Medal (1854-1856)
  • Turkish Crimean War Medal
  • Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal



(1) Siege of Sevastopol


(2) 14th Regiment of Foot


(3) Quartermaster


(4) Charles Fort


(5) The National Archive of Ireland


(6) British military Barracks Co.Cork


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Timo - a very nice trio and you have some excellent research. This would be a centrepiece in any collection. Did you buy the Group locally ?

Thanks for your nice comment Mervyn,

First at all, I do not have a trio unfortunately. Someone has been split the set a long time ago. Turkish Crimean War Medal as well Sardinian issue and name has been erased.

I bought the medal from local coin dealer. This way I was sure that the owner wasn't researched before and its not the medal what just floating around. Other way Irishman medal would be picked up fast here!

What I like most - this man lived just few kilometers from the place where I live. I actually should find a time some moment and have a look does his house still exist.

All the best,


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