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Since we have been having a look at different styles of bi-corne hats - I thought this would fit into the groups. This is the pattern for a Deputy Lord Lieutenant of a British County. They are the Sovereign's representitive and meet all senior members of the Royal Family when they visit their County. This one - and it's uniform, were made for the funeral of Queen Victoria in 1901 - the black crepe mourning arm band is still in the pocket.

This is the tunic with it's magnificent hand embroiderd bullion at neck and on sleeves. Under the belt and over the shoulder are the sword straps in silver bullion - they are only like this to show the detail.

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I don't much care for bi-cornes even though I have a couple but this one is magnificent. Is the plume of white feathers only or are there red ones beneath?

The embroidery is a work of art. English and Welsh Lords Lieutenant had oak leaves and acorns, Scottish had the thistle (the curse of Australian farmers) and the Irish of course had the shamrock.


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