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Peruvian Order of Police Merit

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I found this quite cheap at an antique store and apparently is the Peruvian Police Order of merit. I asked around and many collectors stay away from South American awards as they have little value, just wondering if anyone is interested in them and has any experience collecting medals from Peru. Thanks.


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The Peruvian Order of Police Merit is getting to be relatively common these days, as several ebay sellers in Lima seem to have ready access to the manufacturer/police stocks.

Because of the absence of decent sources in English (oe Spanish, for that matter),Latin American awards have not been highly collected, so there are bargains out there. The low quality of workmanship on recent awards (such as this one), has also reduced the number of collectors. Pieces made at the Lima Mint are much higher quality. There are a few hard-core collectors here, but the sources are very sporadic. Ebay has been a great source of relatively cheap Latin American awards.

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Orden al Mérito de la Policia Nacional, in the Commander (Comendador) class, for meritorious service. It can also be awarded for 'distinguished actions' in which case the ribbon is half red, half green with white edges. Instituted 1945, and believed to have been superceded in 1990 by the Civil Guard and Police Order of Merit... but as Jeff says, sources are few and far between.

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