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WW2 German military districts

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Hello GMIC members,

The list below((1) -(vi) are taken from photgraphs of the top prism covers of military German binoculars from a quick page turn from Stephen Rohan's Guide to Hand Held Military Binoculars.

My guess is that the numbers on the prism covers represent a specific military district . Perhaps Germany was divided into various districts and numbers were allotted?

This interim conclusion is based on information from an Optics Forum member from Wehrmacht-Awards .com . He said that M.A.Aa. 647 was Flensburg ( which is on the Danish Border in North Germany)

If this is the case, then there may be historical records available to cover not just M.A.Za. but also the following related categories see (i) -(v) below.:

(i) Scheinw.u. Fluwa. Nr 6943 Searchlight and sound locator)

(ii) M.S.S. 238 ( Marine Signal station?or Marine search light spotter)

(iii) Flak.(Küste) Nr 4288 ( coastal flak)

(iv) N 1268 ( North Sea Fleet marking on eraly war KM binoculars)

(v) Artl. Nr.1833a ( early war KM binoculars)

(vi) M.A.Za. 647 (Marine Artillerie Zeug amt )

My question is was Germany divided into numbered military districts during WW2, and if so where can I obtain this information.

Thank you.:whistle:

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