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Brian and myself - as joint Moderators for the British Forums - are anxious to have more members researching and publishing good articles.

This is not as difficult as it sounds - plan your article - arrange your illustrations and you will find that the writing will flow. Importanly , you will have fine, illustrated stories that will not only look well on GMIC - but, will also give you a publishing base for the magazines. One 'offs' are fine - but, a series at monthly intervals would be better !

We will give you any help that may be required - and the choice of subject is yours - however, it should fall into one of the British categories.

Now, how do we say Thank-you. Firstly all articles in this regular series , will be ' pinned' for a two week period for people to see them.

Following your title will be a ** Moderators' Choice** - this will remain even when the article is un-pinned.

Finally, you will now receive a GMIC Certificate to remember the occasion. SEE ILLUSTRATION BELOW

The end result of this is you will receive deserved recognition - and GMIC will have original research and articles. Don't think about it and then forget - we asked Mike earlier this week, and his first article is now pinned on Medals.

Brian and Mervyn

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Captain Albert - we would welcome regular articles from you. I would say - longer then usual posts and with photos - however, not so long that members will lose interest. Looking at Mike's under Medals, I would say that is a good length.

We look forward to hearing from you. Do make sure that you IM Brian or, myself - so that we know the article is for 'pinning'. Mervyn

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