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Limburg POW camp research/trials

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Hi guys,

I have one quick question. I obtained set of British medals what belonged to the man who was POW in Limburg and got shot buy German prison guard. Does anyone know is there any German side materials related of this kind an accidents and information about the prison guards, units, etc?

Man who got shot was William Devlin, service number 8635, Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

On the 2nd July 1916 Gefreiter Wust at Kordof shot William Devlin as German trial found out; self defence, after 2 warning shots. Devlin died next day on the 3rd July to his fatal wounds.

Irish newspapers and US embassey strongly wrote that the reason was because William Devlin refused Roger Casement's offer to join the 'Irish Brigade'.

Information what I was able to locate I posted under British section.

Any ideas and info would be great!



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