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Helmet for the 7th Dragoon Guards

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The 7th Dragoon Guards were a British Heavy Cavalry Regiment - they were originally formed in 1688 and after helping in the rescue of the Princess Royal - later to become Queen Anne - they were given the title 'The Princess Royal's Own.'

I am not planning at this time to go into their distinguished history - however, this helmet was taken apart for cleaning and

I thought it might be of interest to see the different constituent parts. Stuart identified it as being an 1870's pattern and

being for an officer it is gold plated. This was in order for an officer to be seen easily by his men in the heat and dust of battle. The lovely helmet plate is of silver.

I will show the complete helmet and then the different parts. You will note the grey and black plume - this is only for the 7th.

The chin chain is in place.

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The plume is actually black over white but the white has obviously turned to a grey over the years. The 1855 Dress Regulations introduced coloured plumes and the 7th were allotted black over white.

I believe these helmets are still worn by musicians of the remaining regiments of heavy cavalry although the plumes of the 4th/7th Dragoon Guards band are now plain white.


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