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People's Democratic Republic of Algeria: National Order of Merit


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Despite gaining independence from France in 1962, it was not until 1984 that the Algerians got around to establishing much in the way of any decorations of their own.

There is a single order, the National Order of Merit (Ordre du Mérite National) which is awarded for all manner of services to the country. It was instituted 2 January 1984 and is quite complex, with three classes of 'Dignity' - each with collar, sash with badge and star - as well as Commander, Officer and Knight grades. Only one of Dignity classes is an actual award - for foreign heads of state - while the other two are the insignia of the President of Algeria and the Chancellor of the Order. Each Dignity is subtly different in insignia, however.

All I have found thus far is a picture of the Knight:

[Picture credit: Eric Semon]

The reverse is plain.

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Now, a real treat! I just had an e-mail with some glorious pictures of the Dignity insignia of the Order. So, with many thanks to Heike Holsten-Stephan, here they are.

First, the Collar of the Dignity for the President of the Republic (Sadr):

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And the Star:

The interesting thing is that according to the regulations (I found the original text of the law establishing the Order) it could be worn as a Collar or as the Breast Star (here) or as a sash badge or as a neck badge.

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Pretty much identical to the Presidential insignia, except for having white enamel instead of red. I don't have a picture of the Star, but here is the Sash & Badge - look closely and you can see a crescent and star woven into the material of the sash.

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Hello Gentlemen I agree the badge above could be and certainly is the Al Athir for foreigner.

But it exist another kind of badge similar but without enamel and ribbon different.

Zinedine Zidane the famous french football player (who's parent are from Algeria) was awarded Al Athir by President Bouteflika in 2006.


Watch the short video :

Various article in french all of them refer to Al Athir the highest award Algeria can give.

But maybe the Al Athir for national or foreign national (like Zinedine Zidane who as long as I know has both citizenship french & algerian),might be of a slightly different than the Al Athir when awarded to foreign dignitaries.

If anyone has pictures of foreign people with their algerian Order of Merit,this could help us to resolve this mystery. Mohamed el Baradei (who is egyptian) & Director of AIEA (International Agency for Atomic Energy) & South Korean President Roh Moo-Hyun were also awarded the Al Athir. If anyone has a picture of them wearing this decoration ?

For President Roh Moo Hyun the award took place during an official visit he did in Alger in march 2006.

Maybe Ilja could help ?

But it is now sure that the ribbon red/green/white/green/red despite beeing algerian is NOT the one of the Order of Merit.

On later follwing post I will show picture of that one.


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Now both side by side. Size is 100 % same.

My opinion is that the Al Athir at left could be to algerian citizen & algerian living abroad and the Al Athir at right could be to non algerian citizen.

If anyone has something to bring that would clarify this mistery he's most welcome.


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