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  1. It has to be noted that the Shujaat Order existed prior to 1971, but on a 1st Type, with motto in 2 alphabet, those of East Pakistan ( Now Bangladesh ), and those of West Pakistan ( now Pakistan ). Below you can see Tamgha e Shujaat 1st Type ( 1957-71 ). Regards. Emmanuel
  2. Another award of the Sitara e Shujaat ( Star of Bravery ), was on January 2014, Aitzaz Hasan Bangash, who at age 15 saved his schoolmate from a suicidal bomb attack, by tackling the attacker https://tribune.com.pk/story/657330/aitizaz-hasan-to-be-honoured-with-sitara-e-shujaat There is many links referring to his gallantry action, but I spot many tribute page show a photo of another award from Pakistan, another Tamgha I Shujaat, but the one for the Military. As a civilian, Aitzaz was awarded the Sitara e Shujaat, the civil award. Not the one for bravery for soldiers (they are 2 different awards). Below is the photo of the award that actually was presented to his family. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  3. As I do not know how long a twitter link can last. Here are the photos of the Sitara e Shujaat to Mrs Tahira Qazi Shaheed. There is a case of issue for the award itselfs, and another one for the award document. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  4. An exemple of the Sitara e Shujaat award To Mrs Tahira Qazi Shaheed ( posthumously ). Regards to all.
  5. More often you see the Tamgha e Shujaat, the 4th Class of the order of Bravery. Here you can see the Nishan e Shujaat next to the Sitara e Shujaat (3rd Class of Order Civil Bravery ), then the Tamgha e Shujaat, for you to compare. The Nishan e Shujaat is silver-gilt & enamel (the center), the Sitara e Shujaat is bronze with enameled center, the Tamgha e Shujaat is bronze. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  6. Hello Gentlemen, I would like to start this topic by paying tribute to Naeem Rashid, who during the attack in Christchurch on 15 March 2019, resisted the attacker, and as a consequence, was injuried and ultimately he losted his life. For his action, the Government of Pakistan had awarded him the Nishan Shujaat, the highest award for bravery, for a civil. https://en.dailypakistan.com.pk/05-May-2019/christchurch-mosque-shooting-hero-awarded-pakistan-s-highest-bravery-award The award was presented to his widow, Ambreen Naeem The highest class of the Order of Bravery (ie Nishan Shujaat ) is rarely seen. The Nishan e Shujaat is the highest civilian honour awarded by the Government of Pakistan for military and civilian acts of conspicuous gallantry, which are not always in the face of an enemy. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  7. Hello Gentlemen, Here an actual photo of Hero National of Angola The one of 1st President of Angola Agostinho Neto Regards to all. Emmanuel
  8. Hello Gentlemen, The Cuban Medical Brigade in Guinea Bissau was "collectively" awarded the same Medal Cooperaçao e Desenvolvimento on 2 December 2020, by President Umrao Sissoco Embale, for helping Guinea Bissau to fight coronavirus. Since 26 June 2020, 24 cuban medal staff were in Guinea Bissau to assist the country. https://www.odemocratagb.com/?p=27522 On the link, you can clearly see, it is the same bronze medal, with the same ribbon. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  9. Hello Gentlemen, As I always says, when you look for something, you get to find it : On 2 August 2020, the President of Guinea Bissau, General Umaro Sissoco Embalo has awarded the National Medal of Merit for Cooperation & Developpment to the Indonesian Ambassador in Senegal, Mansyur Pangeran ( who is also Ambassador of Indonesia for 8 others neighbouring countries, including Guinea Bissau ). https://kemlu.go.id/dakar/lc/news/7828/lambassadeur-mansyur-pangeran-reoit-le-prix-du-plus-grand-mrite-de-la-rpublique-de-guine-bissau As you can see, it's the same medal as the post above, but in bronze, so we may assume it's a multi class award, and we shall consider, this ribbon as the correct one. Regards to all Emmanuel
  10. Hello Gentlemen, Small auction house sometimes, and especially if they are numismatic auction, they do not understand the importance of Medal. From an auction house in Portugal, I have got a photo from : Medalha Nacional do Merito na Cooperação e Desenvolvimento : National Medal of Merit for Cooperation and Developpment. A nice breast medal, in silver, said to be 64 grammes. I just got the photo, but it's better than nothing. If any one has this medal, I'am very interested to buy. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  11. And here is the Legion of Merit of Rhodesia Grand Officer breast star in my collection. As you can see, the Great Zimbabwe Bird in its center, is in silver-gilt, and not in gold. Believe me the reverse bear no hallmarks, and looks different, with a screwplate, a bit german style. I was said that , as it is not marked SPECIMEN, it was then an original star, but not issued...., but I doubt, as the bird, as I said is not in gold, and reverse is very different. However I don't paid much.... Regards to all. Emmanuel
  12. This is another set of photo, of another breast Grand Officer of the Legion of Merit of Rhodesia, that I had the opportunity to buy long time ago....but on the last stage, there was a mess up..., and I actually only kept the photo. Regards to all. Emmanuel
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