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  1. Hello Gentlemen, Can you post a photo ? Regards. Emmanuel
  2. Hello Goga Palkin,

    My name is Emmanuel, from GMIC.

    I collect modern african countries medals for about 25 years.

    Just a question, the Burkina Faso Medal of Local Collectivity, might you think about to sell it ? Or barter it ?




    1. Goga Palkin

      Goga Palkin

      Emmanuel! I would gladly give you this medal, but it is not mine. Photo from the Internet.


    2. heusy68


      Hello Goga Palkin,

      Thank for your reply.

      I had to try. Anyway, nice photo.



  3. Hello Tony, Ounce this amazing group was sold on ebay. With a rare Solomon Islands Police LSGC Medal. I would have spotted it, and bought it, whatever the price, but the autralian ebay seller, was listing it on ebay as Solomon Isl Medals (with a S), so in my every 3 days random research, I use medal...not medals, so my laptop didn't catch it. But aussie are like that, they don't really care. The ribbon of the Police LSGC is the exact opposite of the Police MSM. The Police MSM, I had 3 over the years that have pass through my hands (and I kept 1), but Police LSGC never....
  4. Hello Dave, France, no. I do not have currently the possibility to scan this issue of the Medal Collector, to illustrate my words, but maybe others members have access to it. The, thereafter mentioned Luxembourg War Cross, who seems 99 % to be actually a French WWII War Cross on a Luxembourg ribbon, does NOT implicate a french manufacture. Bacqueville of Paris can sell the ribbon, but that's it. I add 2 screen capture of the medal bar, worn by Grand Duke John of Luxembourg 1921-2019, who was holder of the WWII War Cross of Luxembourg, the Belgium WWII War Cross, the France WWII
  5. To all devoted to the cause of knowledge, here are the Papua New Guinea Medal from before 2005. Most of them actually were absolete by 1975, with exception of Papua New Guinea Community Service Medal Papua New Guinea Police LSGC Medal Papua New Guinea Civil Service LSGC Medal (bought from an auction house, but had no time to properly re-scan). I still miss the Papua New Guinea Armed Forces LSGC Medal (similar as the 2 others but the ribbon is made of red & white stripes). I would like to get the opportunity to STATE that restrike exist of these LSGC medals (the sh
  6. I have to add, that this version also exist. It is clearly NOT an official version of the Luxembourg War Cross, but according to its manufacture, it make sense to think that this one, was manufactured in Belgium (maybe at private request of some Belgian Veterans.....or collectors). I had seen only 2 such crosses in collection in all my life, and mine came from a London dealer where I purchased it for 50 GBP about 2012-2014. It is larger than the normal Luxembourg War Cross (which was manufactured by Spink), and this type of cross is the one illustrated as Luxembourg War Cross in the book
  7. I bow in front of the real Korea Phaleristic Guru, Don, you're the best. And you know I mean it. Keep safe in these very hard time, we are currently crossing. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  8. These are the 4 remaining Papua New Guinea Service Medals, post 2005. Papua New Guinea Distinguished Military Medal Papua New Guinea Distinguished Police Medal Papua New Guinea Meritorious Emergency Service Medal Papua New Guinea Public Service Medal These medals are currently manufactured by T&S Signcraft from the outskirt of sydney. I had one short call with one of their staff member, CEO maybe ??....;let's say, he had been reluctant to any collaboration. Any who, who could help me to acquires these medals, I would be delighted. Regards to all.
  9. If my memory is good, in the Medal Collector Vol 50 # 2 of March-April 1999, or Vol 50 # 3 of May June 1999, there a color photo on front cover a group to a US General, where is presented a Luxembourg WWII War Cross, that is actually a French WWII War Cross , but with a luxemburger ribbon. Those who own that Medal Collector (the magazine of the OMSA could help ). Regards. Emmanuel
  10. Thanks so much Tracy, you help to fill a gap. Long time ago, I used to have a long and strong collaboration with Gerard Leong from ELM, but since 2014/2015, for reason unknown to me, he has been unwilling to collaborate any more. I know it's out of topic, but without me, pointing that the Island of Montserrat in the Caribbean had issued a tender for Awards, in year 2010 (or 2011), he would have pass by. And actually ELM won that contract with Government of Montserrat (for 5 Awards). Our agreement, was that I would have got & specimen of each of the 5 medals, no salary as I do no
  11. Hello Shots Dave, Hello Megan, Did Magan had used a computer tool to make "like hollow" on the crown, because it would be the first Luxembourg War Cross I would see such. If Megan could reply us, and clarify. This is a photo of mine. As you can see Crown is plain, and there is a top cross on top of the crown. I have to add, that Spink seems to have re-issue that war cross somewhen in the 1970ies or later, but the workmanship is NOT that sharp, and metal used is a low low alloy of bronze. On a small booklet published in 1960, 61 or 63, there is the number of Luxe
  12. Hello Gentlemen, I tried to contact EJ in West Virginia, but yet no reply. Actually my breast star weight is 105 Grammes. Just as indicative information. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  13. Hello Gentlemen, This is how looks like the Order of Sobhuza II in its 3 classes, Grand Counsellor, Chief Counsellor, and Counsellor, in their respective case of issue. I have been offered these 3 Orders in February 2019, despite on that time, having been able to get a Grand Counsellor breast star, and Chief Counsellor neck badge + a case of issue, but without inside part of the case, and a Counsellor badge from South Africa. But I accepted the deal, because I knew it would have been highly unlikely to get another Grand Counsellor cased set in the future. That's how I discovered
  14. Here are the 3 classes of Order of Sobhuza II of Swaziland, from an old Manufacturer Catalogue, from Skinner, that the greatly missed Andreas Tammam gave to me. On some of the badge, you can see the hallmark A on reverse, which is Birmingham for 1975, and for the others , you can see the letter R, for 1991. King Sobhuza Ii passed in 1982, but it seems his Order remain the onliest of the Kingdom of Swaziland till at least 1991 or 1992. Regards. emmanuel
  15. Hello Gentlemen, Like Owain said, this medal is in 2 classes, or at least seen with plain ribbon, or with a ribbon with rosette (for officer).This medal was manufactured by Arthus Bertrand, the medaillon itself is relatively often found on medal show in France, but the medal complete with its suspension is scarce to be found. I was fortunate enough to catch one some days, long long before corona era....,and even more fortunate to source the ribbon. By fortunate, it didn't costed me a lot, like 100 € for the medal, and the ribbon, but you simply do not found this medal complete, it's not e
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