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  1. Hello Gentlemen, Hello Dave, Yes on Trinidad & Tobago Medal, quality greatly vary. I have been to Port of Spain ounce, to met someone who is a bit involved in phaleristic, there. I have come back home with several medals, and also a lot more of photo. I can tell you, that I have seen a Defense Force Efficiency Medal in real heavy silver. By the way the same remark is relevant for some african countries medals. For exemple the first strikes of the Botswana Defense force Medal were of silver, the more recent one were of silver plated metal (not bad actually, but cheaper to mint). s
  2. Hello Gentlemen, Hello bigjarofwasps, Actually Spain had already issued, and manufactured, at least by one of their manufacturer, the Medal Opercacion Balmis, for members of the Police Force, Guardia Civil, Army involved in securing public order operation around the pandemic. What I do not know, if, the Balmis Operacion is also to be awarded to nurses, doctors, and healthcare workers. Antonio Prieto, on GMIC did a post concerning this medal, about a month ago. Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan have also issued, or at least have shown drawing of award that will be issued to Frontliners
  3. Hello Gentlemen, Here with obverse and reverse. Thanks to Bigjarofwasps to have catch this new medal first. Cheers. Emmanuel
  4. Hello Gentlemen, I had heard about fake of the Sultan Ibrahim Coronation Medal 2015, without seeing one, but here it is. It's aFake 2nd Class !!! I do not know if 3rd Class Medal in bronze have been faked. On original medals, the details are crisp. I hope it could help you, not to buy, if ever these fakes comes up to ebay, or others plateform. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  5. Hello JapanX, My aim was to emphase that, Korean Republic award system being one of the most difficult to understand, and to follow, because of it's main 3 variation, but also because there is sub variation even inside the 3 main group of insignia. I'am sure you know. It's because I love that that I'am not lost, and I'am sure you're not lost either. But most people are. From 1967 to 69, the 2nd Class breast star of the Order of Diplomatic Merit was said to be 45 degree rotating, if you compare to the 1st Class breast star (but still with pin vertical). I never saw such a breast star (even
  6. Some of the link from Ministry of Defense of Brunei concerning the bruneian contingent in the UNIFIL. http://www.mindef.gov.bn/Lists/News/DispForm.aspx?ID=3143 http://www.mindef.gov.bn/Lists/News/DispForm.aspx?ID=3194 http://www.mindef.gov.bn/Lists/News/print.aspx? ID=4972https://www.asiaone.com/asia/bruneis-peacekeepers-return-home https://unifil.unmissions.org/unifil-troop-contributing-countries Regards to all. Emmanuel
  7. Here , and it's the last bruneian medal of this medal group, the Brunei Medal for 50th Anniversary of its Armed Forces. This medal is made by Royal Insignia, and is made of silver-gilt. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  8. Because there is rare occasion to see the 4 Type of the General Service Medal, here they are. Many believes the Type 2 was not awarded, but I got one such a medal, mounted on a group. The Type 4 shows minor modification on the crown in center, but it's NOT a variation, it's a new type. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  9. This is the Pigat Laila Tugas, Brunei General Service Medal Type 4. This medal was instituted in 1965. It changed shape for the 1st time in 1984 (not for long), then a 3rd Type was instituted, and later much later a Type 4. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  10. This is the Brunei Golden Jubilee Medal. It was instituted in October 2017 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Sulytan Hassanal Bolkiah. It exist in 3 Classes. Not owning a medal (apart from the one in the group ), I have use the photo of Royal Insignia Web Site to display the features of the medal. One notable recipient is Aung San Suu Kyi. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  11. The 1st Type medal was produced by Spink, and is made of silver. The 2nd Type is made by Royal Insignia of Singapore, and is made of Silver Plated Rhodium. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  12. Here is the Pingat Jasa Kebaktian from Brunei. This medal was instituted in 1954, but somewhen, could be after Independence in 1984, the reverse of the medal was altered from an english speaking legend to a malay legend. Photo of obverse and reverse on next post. Regards. Emmanuel
  13. Hello to all. First the Diplomatic Merit Order of the Republic of Korea exist on this shape since 1967, the large modification of Order and Medal system of Korea occured in 1973 (not 1972 ). And the onliest 2 award that saw almost no modification were the Order of Great Mugunghwa (for head of States), and the Order of Diplomatic Merit. Of course since 1967 there had been some minor changes in the Order, like the 2nd Class, who at first had a sash & a breast star, but later was a neck Order and a breast star. There was also for some time a sash pink with black edged stripes, but this i
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