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  1. Here to make this topic more easy, I include the wikipedia page concerning Sir Lloyd William Mathews https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lloyd_Mathews And Arthur Raikes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Raikes Regards to all. Emmanuel
  2. Here is the last entry on the London Gazette, from 3 September 1902 concerning the award of an Order of Hamudieh 1st Class to Alexander Stuart Rogers, Esq Alexander Stuart Rogers was awarded this Order, only due to his appointment as Regent for Sultan Ali, who in 1902 was attending the Coronation of King Edward VII on 9 August 1902, but while abroad, his father passed away on 18 July 1902. Sultan Ali was only made aware of the death of his father, when on the boat that sailed him back to Zanzibar. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/27471/page/5751 http://oldafricamagazine.com/a-s-rogers-controversial-british-official/ The ways of Stuart Rogers in Zanzibar are considered as rough, chaotic, with lots of inefficience in his administration. Sultan Ali attained his majority in 1905, thus ending the role of Rogers as Regent. Photo below is of Sultan Ali ( 1902-1911 ) Regards to all. Emmanuel
  3. Here is the entry of the London Gazette from 21 June 1898, concerning the award of the Order of Hamudieh 1st Class to Vice Admiral Harry Rawson. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/26979/page/3769 He was initially get to get awarded the Order of the Brillant Star 1st Class, If someone on this forum knows why he was getting at the end the Hamudieh Order , instead of the Brillant Star, would be very interesting. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  4. Here are the entries from the London Gazette from 25 August 1897. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/26886/page/4812 Regards to all. Emmanuel
  5. It exist some miniatures of the Order of Hamudieh. They are very very rare of course. This one was sold on a London Auction in 2016. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  6. These are the awards that were presented to Dr George Allardice MacDonald ( 1869-1960 ). Our estimed member Elmar Lang ( Enzo ), shall be credited for this amazing photo. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  7. Dr George Allardice MacDonald was first to be awarded the 4th Class of the Order of Hamudieh (in total only 11 such awards were gazetted). I can assume, by comparing size on a photo where other award to Dr MacDonald are presented, that this Order of Hamudieh 4th Class shall be about 57 to 60 Millimeters wide. The photo of this 4th Class is taken from the UBS Catalogue of 2008. He was awarded this Order for his work during the bombardement of Zanzibar on 28 August 1896. The London Gazette of 25 August 1897 is known to us, Whitehall, August 25, 1897. The Queen has been pleased to give and grant unto each of the undermentioned Officials of the Zanzibar Government, Her Majesty's Royal licence and authority that he may accept and wear the insignia of the Order appearing against his name, conferred upon him by His Highness the Sultan of Zanzibar in recognition of his servuces while actually and entirely employed beyond Her Majesty's Dominions in His Highness Service......Order of Hamondieh of the Fourth Class George Allardyce Macdonald, Zanzibar Government Medical Officer in charge of Hospital during the bombardement. (Sic "Allardyce spelling). I have to pay tribute to our member Djedj who made this entry concerning this award, on another post, started by Elmar Lang on Zanzibar Orders, Decorations and Medals on 1st December 2007. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  8. The 3rd Class of the Order of Hamudieh was only awarded 7 times. This specific insignia is part of the awards to Dr. George Allardice Macdonald . Dr MacDonald was the Principal Medical Officer in Zanzibar from 1896 to 1918. He was born in 1869, and passed away in 1960. Sadly the UBS Catalogue from Tammam Collection sale of November 2008 does not gives the size of this insgnia, but having comparing the photo of all the awards of Dr MacDonald, and he was also awarded Order El Alijeh 3rd Class (which I know the size); I can then assume that this breast star is about 60 to 62 Millimeters. You can still see in the center of this breast star, the cypher of the Sultan : Sayyid Hamoud bin M'hamed bin Said 1314. The photo of this breast star is taken from the UBS Catalogue of November 2008.
  9. The 2nd Class of the Order of Hamudieh is much more elusive, as, according to the Zanzibar Gazette, there was only 1 award of this Class, to Captain A.L. Agnes. This gold insignia was for long time for sale at Armory of St James in London, then about 2005 or 2006 Andreas Tammam, the great specialist of Zanzibar Order bought it, and in November 2008, it was auctioned by UBS Basel, when Tammam had decided to sell his terrific World Order collection. In October 2019 Sincona of Zurich put for auction, a large selection of Zanzibar Order, most from provenance of Andreas Tammam Collection. This photo is from Sincona Catalogue (but the photo that was in the UBS Catalogue of 2008 is the same). In the center of the insignia, is the cypher of the Sultan : Sayyid Hamoud bin M'hamed bin Said 1314 . Tammam states that only 10 months between the installation of Sultan Hamoud, and the first awards on 20 June 1897, and thus the insgnias of the 2nd & 3rd Classes had to be "improvised". The 2nd Class was said to be a neck badge with a breast star. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  10. A larger photo of the same sash badge (on display in Legion of Honour Museum Paris).
  11. A larger photo of the same breast star (on display in Legion of Honour Museum Paris).
  12. Hello Gentlemen, Here I have the pleasure to show some photo of Order Wissam el Hamudieh (photo from the 1st Class set of Legion of Honor Museum in Paris). This Order was instituted by Sultan Hamoud ibn M'hamed in 1897, in 5 Classes. Sultan Hamoud (photo enclosed below) instituted this Order as a kind of commemoration, for the help of the British Fleet, who helped him to be installed after the 45 Minutes War of 28 August 1896. See the link below on that war. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Zanzibar_War The Statues are not know, but the entries of the Zanzibar Gazette are. The first awards took place on 20 June 1897, and the last on 6 January 1902. The Order of Hamudieh ceased to exist following the abdication of his son Sultan Sayyid Ali bin Hamoud in 1911. Following his abdication, there was a reform in the finance of the Sultanate, and as Sultan Ali ( 1902-1911 ) was a great lavish spender, the Order of Hamudieh ceased to exist (despite he officially never awarded it), for a similar purpose in 1911, the Order of El Alijeh founded by Sultan Ali in 1905 also ceased to exist. This Order was superior in rank to the Order of the Brilliant Star, and all the insignia were made of solid gold. In the center of the insignia is the cypher of the Sultan : Sayyid Hamoud bin M'hamed bin Said 1314 ; which can be translated by High Lord Hamoud, son of M'hamed, great son of Said and 1314 correspond to his ascension to the Throne in 1896. The breast star has a diameter of 83 Millimeters and a weight of 80 Grammes. The sash badge is 60 x 73 Millimeters and has a weight of 50 Grammes. This set was awarded to Admiral Sir Harry Rawson Commanding the Bombardement of Zanzibar during the War of 28 August 1896. This set was later in the collection of HE Antonio Spada, who made a long loan of his personnal collection to the Museum of the Legion of Honour in Paris. The museum has the original sash (plain red) that belonged to this set, but for display reason , decided not to display the sash. I can agree, that the light of the exposition room may fade the red from the sash, which cannot be replaced. In the book Honor & Glory about the Treasure of the Spada Collection, displayed in the Museum of Legion of Honour, this set is displayed with its sash. On the last photo, you can clearly see Sir Harry Rawson wearing the Hamudieh breast star, just. below his GCB breast star. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Rawson Only 1 Grand Order of Hamudieh (to Sir General Lloyd Williams Mathews), and only 3 1st Class set were ever awarded ( Admiral Sir Harry Rawson, Arthur Raikes, Alexander Stuart Rogers Esq) , but a set with diamonds was awarded to the Sultan of Oman Faiçal bin Turki ( 1888-1913 ). Sultan Faiçal bin Turki was the father of one of his wives. I do not know if the Grand Order of Hamudieh was different from the Order of Haumdieh 1st Class.
  13. His decoration is the breast badge (with not regulatory triangular ribbon) on the photo where there is 3 Order.
  14. Since the 1970ies Guyana had 3 Medals for its Services branches from civil services, Service Star Meritorious Service Medal Long Service and Good Conduct Medal The same medals were used for the respectives 3 Branches of Service : Police, Fire Fighter & Prison (each time with a different ribbon. But each of the 3 medals bore on its reverse the Stick of Police, the Axe of the Fire Fighter and the Key of the Prison. Much later in the early XXI Century, there was the need of others medals for Police Service. And then, ounce I had the occasion to buy these 3 Medals in London, in summer 2019 Respectively, from left to right : Guyana Police Force Efficiency Medal Guyana Police Force Commissioner's Medal of Honour Guyana Police Force Tactical Efficiency Medal. The seller had only one set of medals with their ribbons mounted. I was the lucky guy that was in the shop that day. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  15. Hello Gentlemen, I ounce grabbed this photo on a web site, belonged to the web site of the University of Guyana. No idea why they get a display of their medal, but I choose to post it here, because the Military Service Medal is rarely seen. From left to right we have : Guyana Defense Force 40th Anniversary Medal 1965-2005. Guyana Defense Force 25th Anniversary Medal 1965-1990 Guyana Border Operation Medal Guyana Military Efficiency Medal (the first medal of the military efficiency, manufactured by Spink's had a blue central stripe much more darker). Guyana Independence Medal 1966. Guyana Military Service Medal. Guyana Military Service Star. * for the record, the Military Service Medal (miniature), posted by Ilja on 13 April 2013, has an incorrect ribbon, actually the one of the Military Service Star. Regards to all. Emmanuel
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