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  1. Hello Gentlemen, I'am wondering if this medal was known from phalerist before. It is what it is. Nauru Medal for 25th Anniversary of Independence 31 January 1993. The medal is in silver, or good quality cooper-nickel, but I bet it's silver (no hallmarks). I got it with its red velvet case of issue (the case is anonymous). But now, I'am also wondering if there might exist a Nauru 50th Anniversary of Independence 1968-2018..... If any one here, has information.... Regards to all. Emmanuel
  2. Hello Gentlemen, Very sad to announce that David Tasic, passed away in late October 2019. I only knew him through phone contact & email, a good person, knowledgeable & reliable, he will be missed. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  3. Hello Gentlemen, A high italian award (ie Order of the Crown Grand Cross), on a Monténégro General make sense, one of the daughter of King Nicolas 1st of Monténégro ( Helena ), was the wife of King Vittorio Emanuele III from Italy. For the St Stanislas, on the last photo, it's clear, it was the Military Division of the Order of St Stanislas (with Swords). Regards. Emmanuel
  4. And side by side, to compare size. The WWI version at left , due to its workmanship, likely french made. We know Godet in Berlin did manufactured the Cross of Valor smaller ranks (for WWII), but as I do not have the cases for these 2 Awards, I cannot state anything. Regards. Emmanuel
  5. Hello Paul, I know you have a very sharp memory. I will later in the Week post the scan of the catalogue of JP Stella. If I remember, his words, in the catalogue were : Brésil Mérite Géographique (in french). He never stated that it was a governemental award. What wrote Enzo (Elmar) is also very important. I know him in real life, and his knowledge in phaleristic is huge, he also has a sharp memory. Having been to Roma in June 2018, I sadly witnessed that Cravanzola is not any more Via del Corso, but I knew from past visit in their shop from 1997 to 2010 that they were still keeping some medium size stock of unsold material (I bought many ribbons from them). So when Enzo state that some of these crosses surfaced in Militalia Fair in Milano, it's important. Also true that there is a huge italian Community living in Brazil. And not only in Brazil, but in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and in Panama. It's fun to know, that the Company that supply the Government of Panama for their National Orders, order them from a company in Firenze ( Florence in Italy ). Not a surprise to know that the owner of that panamean company is of italian roots. I also agree with you, that Portugal, and Brazil have a lot of private Awards. Jérôme (QuiviveFrance) knows very well the brazilian market. Regards Emmanuel
  6. This post would not be complete if i would not upload a Cross of Valour, Commandor neck badge, from WWII. It's in metal-gilt, or silver-gilt (but no hallmarks), Size of the cross : 41,5 x 48 millimeters. Total heigh : 70 millimeters. Weight : 32 grammes. Regards. Emmanuel
  7. Hello BalkanCollector, I agree with you. I never been to Skopje, but it's in the plan for the next years. By the way I do believe, that Republic of North Macedonia had a Policy of award Order very sparingly. I bet sooner or later Order of Merit might comes to market, but higher Order as Order of the Republic, or Order of 8 September, we will have to go to Museum to take photo. There might also be a range of medals for Armed Forces, and for the Police (purely macedonian), that we are not aware (yet), they exist. Dragomir Acovik , who I met in Belgrade in the summer of 2015 had published a very very well made book on Order of Yugoslavia, with a chapter on all information available on Orders of the 6 Republics, after the collapse of Yugoslavia. A lot of photo, and including a lot of photo of Awards ceremony. During your visit to Skopje, any museum wth Orders there ? Regards. Emmanuel
  8. Hello Gentlemen, I have a similar cross in my collection. The cross is 43,5 x 50 millimeters, but total heigh with the crown 68 millimeters. Weight : 21 grammes. Dimension in AUDAP catalogue slightly differ, but their expert Jean-Christophe is a friend, he might have took total heigh from Bottom till middle of suspenion loop. There was such a Cross in one of the famous french auction of the 1980ies by Daniel Renaud. My cross comes from a greek dealer. Regards. Emmanuel
  9. Hello Micke, Do not always believe auction house, especially Spink New York ( Spink London Ok, but NY ought gosh ). So they will write what they might consider "believable". I do remember an auction in October 1996 by Jean-Pierre Stella in Paris, where there was such a cross, the identification was (if my memory is good) : Brazil Order of Geographic Merit. I still have that catalogue, sure for end of this week, I might scan and post. Of course it would be the opinion of one expert ( JP Stella ), against other, but the reputation, and the huge amount of knowledge he has might put the balance in his favor. For those who never heard of him, Jean-Pierre Stella was starting his life in Orders & Medals selling in the mid 1960ies in a shop in St Ouen (outskirt of Paris, just the other side of the Peripherique Boulevard). He later move to a shop Quai de la Tournelle (opposite bank of the Seine to Notre Dame). He stopped business there in December 2016. But he's still well and active, now he live in South of France. For those who were in the business in the 60ies, 70ies and 80ies, getting information was ever challenging. Keep in mind that on these years people were writing a lot of letters to Embassies, Manufacturer, Minister, to enquires about elusive insignia, often without reply, sometimes with luck. I did that too !!! In those years, manufacturers (I mean the original manufacturer were still alive, end some of them keen to share their knowledge). Regards. Emmanuel
  10. Hello Gentlemen, While in visit in Sofia last month, I visited the Military History Museum. Among the Awards of President Zhelyu Zhelev ( President of Bulgaria from 1990 till 1997 ) was his Order of 8 September. It's the first time of my life, I see an Order of Macedonia ( FYROM ), with my own eyes. President Zhelev was awared this Order for recognition he showed to North Macedonia for recognising this country. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  11. I have searched for 1 hour now. I found no data on the web. Incl in the official web site related to Nelson Mandela. That does not mean that Nelson Mandela did not get the Order of Excellence of Guyana, but I do not found evidence. In the meantime, while searching, I found reference with photo (but Getty Image credit), that Brazil President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva was awarded Order of Excellence of Guyana on 25 November 2010, in a ceremony in Georgetown. Emmanuel
  12. The Cacique Crown of Honour is a civilian award : C.C.H. A recent award had been made on October 2016 to businessman Inderjeet Beharry. Dimension & manufacture details, are same than for Cacique Crown of Valour, If any one has a Cacique Crown of Honour for sale, just drop me a message. Regards to All. Emmanuel
  13. Next to the Order of Excellence & Order of Roraima, is the Cacique Crown of Valour : C.C.V. It is Guyana award for Gallantry. It is similar in shape to the Cacique Crown of Honour (which is a civilian award). Just on reverse is the word VALOUR, and ribbon is different of course. It was manufactured by Spink of London, in silver-gilt & enamel. It's 46 millimeters in diameter, and weight is 53 grammes. Yet ONLY 1 award was ever made, in 1969 ( so I assume retroactively ), to Major Roland da Silva ( Operation Climax from January to August 1969 ). Regards to all. Emmanuel
  14. The Order of Roraima, got his name to tribute to Mount Roraima, at the borders of Venezuela, Brazil & Guyana. Mount Roraima, stands at 2810 meters, about 2200 meters above the Amazonia Forest. Arthur Conan Doyle wrote "The Lost World" about Mount Roraima, and the possibility that prehistoric life form had survived there. We now know, it's not the case. But a nice novel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Roraima Regards to all. Emmanuel
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