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  1. And here is the Legion of Merit of Rhodesia Grand Officer breast star in my collection. As you can see, the Great Zimbabwe Bird in its center, is in silver-gilt, and not in gold. Believe me the reverse bear no hallmarks, and looks different, with a screwplate, a bit german style. I was said that , as it is not marked SPECIMEN, it was then an original star, but not issued...., but I doubt, as the bird, as I said is not in gold, and reverse is very different. However I don't paid much.... Regards to all. Emmanuel
  2. This is another set of photo, of another breast Grand Officer of the Legion of Merit of Rhodesia, that I had the opportunity to buy long time ago....but on the last stage, there was a mess up..., and I actually only kept the photo. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  3. Hello Dragomir, All the 3 Orders from the Kingdom of Burundi, they all got same reverse center medaillon. Regards to all Emmanuel
  4. Here you can see obverse & reverse of Luxembourg Medal for Act of Courage & Devotion 1st Class. For memory the medal is of 35 Millimeters diameter. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  5. The Medal for Act of Courage & Devotion in Gold ( ie the 1st Class ), is awarded with great reserve ( with concerning scarcity ) , to those who performs Acts of Great Fearlessness, in Saving someone else Life. The 1st Class Medal can also be awarded to those individuals already holder of the 2nd Class medal for subsequent action of life saving. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  6. Hello Gentlemen, Because all of you deserve to see, these amazing insignia..., in February 2019, a GLM breast star of Legion of Merit of Rhodesia ( Grand Officer Legion of Merit : G.L.M. ); was auctioned in London. I attended the auction, but I was not able to purchase the GLM breast star, however I took photo. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  7. The Medal for Act of Courage & Devotion in Silver-Gilt ( ie the 2nd Class ), is awarded to those who have saved a life, or who attempted to save a life, by risking their own life (or to those who already hold the Medal of Courage & Devotion in Silver, for a subsequent action of life saving). The Act of Courage performed by Armand Trausch, happened on Monday 10 December 2018, in the village of Redange-Sur-Attert. There were flood on the river Attert, and temperature was close to 0 degree celcius. There was stream in the river, and Armand saw his father Gregoire, 79 years old
  8. The Medal for Act of Courage & Devotion in Silver (ie the 3rd Class), is awarded to those who have saved a life, or who attempted to save a life, by showing courage in action, and selflessness. The Act of Courage performed by Ahmed Alabdulmoshen occured on Sunday 23 June 2019, the Day of the National Day in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (the equivalent of the 4th of July for the American ). That day, in 2019, it was very hot. Over 30 Degree Celsuis. The place where it happened is Lake Stausee - Lac de la Haute-Sûre, it's a 380 Ha artificial lake in Luxembourg. As the water temperat
  9. This is the link in english, related to these 2 medals https://chronicle.lu/category/at-home/35393-ahmed-alabdulmohsen-armand-trausch-receive-1st-medals-of-honour-for-courage-dedication And in german ( or lutzenburger ) https://www.wort.lu/de/politik/zwei-lebensretter-erhalten-neue-medaille-d-honneur-6012dd27de135b92363ba709
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