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  1. Hello Gentlemen, My small coopration to this forum, but at least, I put on the light another medal Estonia Estonian Peace Operation Center Medal. Regards. Emmanuel
  2. Hello Gentlemen, It recently came to light this Order of the Red Banner of Labor Type 3 variation 2, number 000985, with award document. What is your opinion about ? Awarded to Ivan Zukhov in Nov 1949 ( not family related to the Marshal of Soviet Union ), document printed in 1948. Weight is 51 Grammes. The suspension ring had never been cut. I'am tantalized, but I never saw a so low number on Red banner of Labor. Regards. Emmanuel
  3. The Istiqlal Museum of Azerbaijan, is in this Museum on 3rd Floor. Keep in mind that in the "ex russian sphere of influence" , the Ground Floor = Floor 1, and thus the 3 Rd Floor correspond to a european/american floor. This museum is very easy to find, on the great boulevard that is along side the Caspian Sea. Regards. Emmanuel
  4. This is a Rank Insignia from Azeri Uniform from that period. Due to reflection of the glass window, this is the best photo I can show, this rank insignia is the smallest in size (about 6 to 6 & half centimeter diameter for the star). But there are model in the showcase that are 20 % larger. Regards. Emmanuel
  5. There was 2 of this medal in the museum : "21 Azar" , a medal given by General Cefer Kaviana aid. I have NOT a keyboard allowing me to do turkish alphabet letter, so in Cefer, I know the 2 "e" shall have been reversed, sorry, but I do not have this letter on my keyboard. Regards. Emmanuel
  6. Hello Gentlemen, I cannot bring much to this topic, I'am NOT an uniform specialist, but you should ounce visit the Istiqlal Museum in Baku ( Museum of Independence). In this museum are some (not a lot), items from Azerbaijan Republic from 1918-20. In the museum lies this Order : Sattarxan Ordeni (It's about 5 & half to 6 centimeter high, 4 & half to 5 centimeter wide). It's the onliest of its kind. Emmanuel
  7. Currently, the Order of Ismaili Somoni is awarded like this. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  8. Hello Gentlemen, Being recently in Kazakhstan, I had the opportunity to take photo of the awards from First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbaiev, including his Order of Ismaili Somoni. So the photo show better features of the awards than previously. It has to be noted that President Nursultan Nazarbaiev was awarded this Order in Year 2000. On that time, this Order (single class) was in the shape of a breast badge, later on a change occurred, and now, this Order is awarded with a sash badge, a sash, and a breast star. President Vladimir Putin from Russian Federation was awarded a such version of the Order. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  9. Hello Gentlemen, At least now we know that the Tamreen Medal ( Medal for Exercise ) had been issued as a medal. About 40 Millimeters in diameter. Ribbon width 36 Millimeters : Green 6 & half, White 7, Green 9, White 7, Green 6 & half Millimeters. Weight 18 Grammes. It's metal gilt (not silver). Regards to all. Emmanuel
  10. But a recent photographic evidence, the 30th Anniversary of Independence of Vanuatu on 30 July 2010 show Mr Bill Quade ( Team Leader of the AusAID-Australian Federal Police Vanuatu Police Force Capacity Building Project ), who was awarded the National Medal of Merit. The ribbon of his National Medal of Merit show 5 equal width stripes of Red/Green/Red/Green/Red. On the photo, he's next to the Governor-General of Australia Ms Quentin Bryce AC, who on that occasion was awarded the Medal of 30th Anniversary of Independence of Vanuatu. http://gg.gov.au/events/vanuatus-30th-anniversary-independence-celebrations If any ones on this forum has a photographic evidence of person being awarded the National Medal of Merit, it would be interesting to see this photo. I remember I bought this medal from a postal bid auction in Melbourne in 1997 or 1998. Internet didn't existed on that time (only minimal services, and interactivity was unknown). Regards to all. Emmanuel
  11. Concerning the National Medal of Merit of Vanuatu, on this photo, you can see Jean-Marie Léyè, the 3rd President of Vanuatu 1994-1999, obviously wearing the Badge of Honour of Vanuatu, as he was entitled as President of the country, and a ribbon red with 2 green stripes (but these green stripes seems more narrow than on the National Merit Medal that have been seen later, and on which the ribbon is 5 equal stripes of crimson red/green/crimson red/green/crimson red). This later ribbon, is quite remarkably similar to the UK India Service Medal 1895-1902, just the red used on the Vanuatu ribbon is brighter. Regards. Emmanuel
  12. Here are the medals of Vanuatu from my collection. On first row from left to right : Medal for Service, Meritorious Service Medal, Distinguished Service Medal. On second row : Independence Medal 1980 & Medal of National Merit ( I bet the ribbon might not be 100 % correct on this last medal, I'll tell why, and post evidence later one). Regards to all. Emmanuel
  13. Here is the best photo I have been able to found of the actual medal : Royal Solomon Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal. Here, the medal is awarded to an Officer of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. The type of case of issue "might" suggest that the medal might have been manufactured in Australia. If any one on this forum has more information, he's most welcome to post new information. Regards to all. Emmanuel
  14. Despite not being a Tonga Award, I feel, that readers and members would found interesting to see here a photo of the Solomon Islands : Royal Solomon Islands Police Force International Law Enforcement Cooperation Medal, that has been awarded to Tongan Police Officer ( watch post above, 9th line of the text, I will repost a screen capture); (on the photo the medal is shown on the chest of a Papua New Guinea Police Officer, but it's the onliest photographic evidence I got). If ever a member of this forum (Ilja ?), might get a photo of a Tonga Police Officer, wearing this medal from Solomon Islands, he's most welcome to post it here. Regards. Emmanuel
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