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Jens is spot on with the Bavarian identification - the Bavarian artillery didn't go to the ball on the helmet until 1916.

The field piece appears to the be the 7,7cm Feldkanone 96 a/A (alte Art or old type). Most added a shield and a new recoil system in 1904 to become the FK 96 n/A (neue Art or new type). Some 96 a/A remained, but I would guess these were in not in active regiments. The 96 a/A were more likely in Landwehr units; I'm not a Landwehr expert, but this doesn't look like a Landwehr unit to me... So, I'd say one of the 12 Bavarian Feldartillerie regiments and put the date closer to the -5 years that Jens suggests; right around the turn of the century. Definitely pre-war.

And as Jens suggests, probably an annual maneuver picture. Is there anything on the back?

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