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    Value for Canadian Memorial Bar (Birks)

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    Gentlemen, I need opinions on the value of a Canadian Second War Birks Memorial Bar. Here's the situation.

    The Bar is named to WOII William Carney, The Lorne Scots. He was killed in Canada in November 1945 when he was hit by a train returning home from the Company Office.

    I was recently put in contact with his grandson, who would like to get it back in the family. I am not averse to selling it to him, but would like to ask something reflecting current market value, in case I decide to replace it.

    My searches have turned up R.C.A.F. casualties at $345, an R.C.A.S.C. one with three medals (motorcycle accident in England) at $400. I think these are on the high side.

    Factors I feel would negatively affect the price are:

    - Serving in Canada as an instructor to the Militia battalion

    - Accidental death

    - Postwar (barely)

    Factors possibly increasing the value:

    - Rareness to unit (the Lornes were overseas, but as Defence Companies).

    Also, he would be interested in Carney's Memorial Cross (B/435084) and his medals - 1914-15 trio - 23603 Pte., KOYLI, CVSM, War Medal.

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