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HMS Victory

Gordon Williamson

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When the makers of my original Hood project cancelled it, I decided to go for the re-launch of the DeAgostini version of HMS Victory. Of course once I'd started it I then found an alternative Hood , but have decided to go with it anyway as it'll be a change from doing a more modern warship.

Sailing ship modellers generally opt for "full hull" models, but as I like doing modern ships in waterline format, I've decided to go with that on this one too, so Victory will be sunk into a foam, block up to waterline level just like my Bismarck.

I know Nick is doing this one too so it will be interesting to see both full hull and watrline versions once they are done.

Here is my progress so far.

Keel with bulkheads fitted

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Hi Peter,

There is an option to build it with a section of the hull side removed to reveal the interior. I thought about it but decided not to, so the interior would be pretty much concealed, apart from as you say, peeking through the gunports.

I might reconsider as its not too late, and its possible to fit some of these miniscule "grain of wheat" bulbs inside so that the interior could be weakly illuminated ( the interiors of these old ships were very dark and dingy).

Of course the fact that I am waterlining it means that I can leave out some of the bottom hull planking which won't be seen anyway thus saving a lot of tedious work but also allowing wiring to be installed through the base.

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