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Dutch West Indies Coins

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I was in the shop last week when a very pleasant young chap called-in. He had been on holiday to the West Indies last year

and during a dive had picked-up a few old coins from the seabed. They were corroded - black in colour and I could see very little detail.

We agreed a price - which I put down to old age - it seemed very generous to me for corroded bronze coins.

Anyway - I had them cleaned and they turned out to be silver and with some fairly good details. I am pretty sure they

are Dutch in origin and they were found within a trading area for the Dutch Antilles. One appears to have a clear date of 1789 - although the eight could be a '2' or a '3'.

I will post them and will appreciate superior knowledge - if you have any idea on price that would also be helpful - I might

just have to hunt him down !

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The reverses


The first coins is a Spanish Netherlands Ducaton of Philip V of Spain2, struck at Antwerp probably 1705, The other is a ducaton of the Dutch province of Overijssel, the date has to be 1739. These have obviously been under the sea and may have been from a wreck as they are suffering from severe water corrosion. It's a shame there is not a definite provenance such as a wreck or a find spot. Since the 1960s when diving techniques and underwater archaeology permitted the exploration of wrecks large numbers of similar coins have been unearthed from the deep. As a collectors piece the coins have little value, but as wreck pieces they are probably worth £30-40 each.

I hope this is of help.

All the best,


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Paul - I had a feeling I had to wait until you came onto the site ! This is such specialised knowledge and I doubt if many members collect these. I am not disappointed with the price - I think they are interesting and represent just so much past history. Thankyou for taking the time to tell me - I much appreciate the help. Mervyn

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