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  1. If that were to sell at any figure approaching that asked then i think there is a strong chance of me succeeding pope Francis (and I am protestant). Paul
  2. Dudosa is spanish for fake. We get the word dud in English from it. While without physically handling the piece i cant be 100% sure it doesnt ring alarm bells. Not an obvious dudosa. Paul
  3. Timo, Lovely medal, what he didn't know about camels (jamaline) wasn't worth knowing. Paul
  4. Only a Kiwi could work that out. Well done Grahame. Paul
  5. Alas the gazette site is playing silly buggers at present. Paul
  6. I am truly envious cazack. If you ever tire of it i would happily give it a good home. Paul
  7. They are both locally soldered. The ornamental may be a repair. Paul
  8. Alas the gentleman mentioned was a high priest of the shrine of Onan. The RVO is not returnable (the Chain, a seperate decoration, is). There have always been those in corridors of power who have considered an interest in phaleristics as a sin against the Holy Ghost. Interestingly when it suits them they are only too pleased to solicit our assistance. Enough like Toby Shandy I am riding my hobby horse. Paul
  9. A miniature i assume as it is unnumbered and classed Paul
  10. Great War Bravery medal of St. George 4th class. Looks Ok value around $150 Paul
  11. They will just assume you are a Star Wars or Trekkie nerd. Paul
  12. Very nice I hope his insurance is up to date. Paul
  13. I have always put items of numismatic interest on the customs form as very few people know what it means (and it covers a multitude of items). For value i put as enclosed invoice (and put a document with value inside). Touch wood i have never had problems with overseas customs and nothing has ever gone missing although one parcel got buried in Florida customs for 2 months before resurfacing. Paul
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