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  1. Have just received a complemntary copy. It is certainly a marvelous work. Paul
  2. It's loosely based on a coin of Abdul Hamid II bearing the accession year AH 1293 (1876). I have seen similar pieces in gilt metal which were suspensed to the wedding dresses of those who couldnt afford the gold. Fun but nothing of consequence. P
  3. Alex's looks full sized to me but by their nature miniature regimental badges are rare as they were generally worn by non Russian soldiers and cadets who served in the Russian army prior to WW1 as miniatures were only worn by Russians who served in the overseas diplomatic service. Paul
  4. I love the order of the star which has the portrait of the Sultan on the breast star Circa 1895 Paul
  5. Looks lovely and of good quality if that is:a fake then I am pope Boniface XXXVII. Paul
  6. Military postal service it is indeed a post horn. Paul
  7. Looks 3/2 to me. European c. 1910 value give or take 1000 bucks P
  8. Very nice however no sign of a hallmark which a lesser George should possess. If gilt metal then probably theatrical. P
  9. Nice to see you are alive and kicking Nick. I am at last free from over 2 years of veterinary incarnation alias St Thomas hospital free therefore to annoy and pester people. Pavel Nikoliaev
  10. It is possible as an engraved medal some one has bogged the spelling up. As any skirt wearer knows the name can be spelt in 2 equally common ways Stuart and Stewart. Could be the engraver had had a few Old Poultneys and got the wrong spelling check Stewart Paul
  11. Looks more like a lapel badge to me but I would agree with musician but not sure whether civil or military. Paul
  12. I suspect the answer will find itself.....eventually Paul
  13. Emmanuel, I remember Stella very well (and I am not talking of the Artois branch of the family). The attribution he gave is not unreasonable. I think it is a geographical society award but without portuguese governmental authority. But Portugal is awash with various private awards. Paul
  14. Does the South African Mint Manufacture them? If so it might be worth contacting them. P By the way congratulations with the rugby you showed real hunger and resolve, a group of paraplegic warthogs could have put in a better and more impassioned performance than the England XV Paul
  15. Well i hope the book is of some substance as a lot of these local police histories are little better than small museum guidebooks which usually provide little new knowledge P
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