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  1. Military awards of the prov. Gov. Are surprisingly plenteous while civil awards of orders and decorations are very hard to find P
  2. There is a medieval French cathedral which has wall decorations of the tortures of hell , one depicts a forger being tortured by devils with instruments of his trade. That would be a marvellous punishment for this individual. Paul
  3. Seems ok to me. While naming varies to the various Indian units who received the star. It certainly compares favourably with the few in my collection (I only collect Indian units). P
  4. Prior to WW1 if us British did not like something another country was up to we didnt muck about we just sent in a gun boat. Hence the phrase gun boat diplomacy. Something else we gave the world. P
  5. There is always one idiot in Congress who thinks US law applies to Europe. Possibly intelligence prevents the holding of political office. P
  6. My uncle was ex catering corps, according to some of his former comrades he was responsible for more deaths than the enemy. Paul
  7. Yes I have three Bahawalpur groups but it has taken me over 15 years to get them all ex Geoffrey Jacob collection (author of makets of orders) Details to follow in due course. P
  8. Given that Greece was an important bastion of NATO in the 50s and 60s it could be Constantine got it for services to US interests in the Balkans. P Possibly a handout during some important US dignitaries business and possibly why not listed. P
  9. They are very similar to the carefully Ihndian nazarana issues which had a monetary value but were solely issued for presentation purposes Paul
  10. Chris it is nice I reckon it was made up not long after Ww1 and worn for several decades on and off P
  11. Depends on the diameter of the cross, 33-35mm for 3rd 38-41 cm for 2nd class, have seen several civil war awards in plain red cases . Atb P
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