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  1. The Afghan and Sierra Leone ones I have encountered all commence with service number. wierd. p
  2. I think the plug makes that fairly obvious. Often widows or other relatives removed the suspension to convert them into "pocket pieces". One could easily restore the suspension. Any how with or without suspension a rare wee beastie. P
  3. could it be members of the west indian regiment around the Sierra Leone "hut tax" war 1897-99? P
  4. Photo is pretty grim but cant see anything obviously wrong with it. Paul
  5. Looks like Camel curry was on the menu for a while in parts of Somaliland. p
  6. Argentine and Uruguay have large British communities and the Pumas are Argentine national rugby team. p
  7. There is a book called The Whitewash Brigade, which deals with the bubonic plague outbreak and has a roll of recipients. thr SLI happened to be stationed In HK and so they were the major recipients. They were not to be officially worn by serving troops. p
  8. KK official maker of white lion. Its for the Prague trade fair, where many a double agent got inebriated. p
  9. Chris, I think you are thinking of lot 1 in the famous Mentmore sale held by Sotheby's in the 1970s "A French Letter Opener" p
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