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  1. Enzo, I dont understand he already has the Victor Emanuel II medal with 3 dated clasps, why did he get the Umberto medal? Paul
  2. Enzo what is the last medal also with an image of Umberto I Paul
  3. Yes I am sure he is. Until WW1 he was the Ottoman Empire's representative in Australia. He also had friends in very high places. The Russo-Turkish war of 1878-79 was widely reported in Britain and the Empire and at the time the Turks were the good guys and the Russians very much to quote Ronnie Regan " the evil empire" Ryan's autobiography shows his proud he was of his role in the war and his frequently mentioned admiration for the unbelievable courage of the common Turkish soldier: this he wore his Turkish honourz with great pride Paul
  4. His name was Hon. Surgeon General Charles Snodgrass Ryan Quite a character as well as his exploits in the Russo-Tutkish War he was the police surgeon who dealt with Ned Kelly's wounds (Ryan claimed he was a complete wimp and cry baby with a very low pain threshold). During the great war he visited military hospitals and would throw at ennis ball at the patients, any who caught it were liable to be sent back to the front as fit for duty) Paul
  5. Actually the Chief Australian Army Medical Officer in WW1 had permission to wear his Turkish awards which he had originally received for the Russo-Turkish War 1878-79 as a medical officer with the Turkish army. Paul
  6. Looks totally kosher to me and would be easy to replace the missing rivet. Price seems reasonable Paul
  7. Ribbon looks a bri nylon abomination in the sight of the lord. Paul
  8. I am afraid the photos are as much use as modern Capo del Monte for investment purposes. My gut feeling though is the 6th class is of post WWII manufacture but I cant see anything wrong with the 8th class Paul
  9. Fiume was.part of Austria Hingary till 1919 and was their major port when the Italian poet DAnnunzio staged a coup and it became a free city until 1924 issuing it's own postage stamps. In 1924 il Duce annexed it to Italy until 1943 when the Germans occupied it after the war it became part of Jugoslavia and since 1991 it has been part of Croatia. Paul
  10. I very much suspect so Paul This appears to be his admiral's deck wear ribands Paul
  11. Are there any towns with museums in the area the may have a wealth of info about the militia Paul
  12. The Khedives star is always worn last ad a foreign award. P
  13. paul wood

    Medaille militaire

    Single sided swivel suspension but not too awful quality. Paul
  14. paul wood

    Medaille militaire

    Looks WWI Paul
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