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  1. There were many German settlers in the Netherlands Indies. Most came as traders seeking their fortunes, gradually participating in all aspects of the colonies life. Paul
  2. Thanks i now need to get a 14-15 star to the 36th Sikhs. Tsingtao related award will certainly enhance my Indian Army collection Paul
  3. Stanies are noted for eagles going walkabouts. In theory it is possible that someone removed the eagles post revolution however i think it is more likely they went AWOL Paul
  4. The engraving was a service provided by Boots the chemists. British, Canadian, New Zealand and Pakistan issue WW2 medals were issued unnamed as were some othe commonwealth countries. Indian Australian and South African issues were all issued officially named. Alas without documentation British WW2 medals are unresearchable. Paul
  5. Should be to someone fairly major assuming they are awarded to the same recipient. A name will as Hashim has rightly said will make all the difference and high end Pakistan material is eminently researchable. As ever more info needed. Look forward to hearing from you. Paul
  6. A bad one would be significantly rarer. By ww2 they came with the rations but given the case etc. they are ludicrously cheap. Perhaps i should start collecting Jap crap. Paul
  7. Nice know there was life before the SVA. As a collector of medals to Indians in the Indian army i would love to own a Victoria Cross. I have one in mind but it may be many years before i finally own it. Given the recipient was a Northern Muslim posthumous recipient i think there is little danger of me claiming I earned it. Paul
  8. Need a considerably better photo to read it. Were it in front of me a piece of cake. Unless a casualty or subsequently promoted to VCO unresearchable. P
  9. Owain any idea what happenned to her original medals? With another branch of the family? Paul
  10. Gordon, Thanks for your reply, The ZAR very much kept the British model for Gallantry awards. That is extremely sparing, to get anything you had to go to Hell and back on many occasions. The ZAR feared foreign intervention against the regime as a result their armed forces were by far the most advanced in Africa and compared favourably with many of the more developed western European forces. It is likely that atheir preparedness extended to their honours system. Paul
  11. Well done mark i was looking post 1920 ww1 didnt occur to me. Paul
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