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KRRC (King's Royal Rifle Corps)


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Good evening gentleman

This is the continuing quest of mine to try and find who owned the WW1 whistle I have been given.

I was looking on a previous post for a man called William Carver and tried to establish his uniform and whether his battalion was in India at any time as the whistle I have has an I on it under the war sign which I have been told by a whistle collector stands for British India

As I have come to a bit of a stand still on this line of enquiry I asked the gentleman whom my mum purchased it from if he had any other info.

He has got back to me with some war postcards. They are not from his direct relative but from a possible brother inlaw . The postcard has this info on it

R Howitt (Howett?)

Rouen dated 22/8/17 service number 38617 B Company K.R.R Batt.

Does anyone know on here what battalion this was and were they ever in India?

Thanks for your time and previous help & suggestions


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Hello Joe and welcome to the forum.

There was a Robert Daniel Howett who served as a Rifleman with the number 38617 in the KRRC (King's Royal Rifle Corps), he also served in the Army Service Corps as Pte. M/403798.

He received the British War and Victory medals.

He was born in about 1888 and joined the army in 1915, at the time he was living in Powerscroft Rd. Hackney.

His attestation paper says 2 Battalion King's Royal rifles, went to France in 1917 and at some stage had a scalp wound. It looks as though he was transferred to the ASC in April 1918.

There's also a page stating 21st KRRC "B"

In hospital from Sept. 1917 till March 1918

27th Feb. 1919 he was transferred to Z class reserve.

His trade appears to be gold blocker (?) and it doesn't look like he went to India.


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It looks like he attested 12.12.15, went to army reserve 13.12.15, mobilised 30.11.16, first went to France 1.12.16.


P.S only half the photo has appeared, don't know why but there isn't really anything missing from it.

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