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Cossack Swords and current prices...


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I have a cossack sword I bought many years ago in 1998 when such things were still within my grasp...

Now having spent many years in a cupboard (not me, the sword) I think now would be a good time to part with it. The only problem is I'm finding it very hard to value it. I can't seem to find any other examples for sale. I contacted a couple of dealers, but of course, they want me to come up with a figure.

I was thinking around $1900, but is this right, too much, not enough??? Really I have no idea about these things any more.

The pics are here if you'd care to take a look. http://s1106.photobucket.com/albums/h361/vladtheman03/Cossack%20Sword/

I'd appreciate any comments from the community here.

Many thanks.

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IMHO I believe it to be more beneficial to use the relevant place on the forum for seeking values,


this stops specific sections of the Forum getting cluttered up with requests for valuation and identifications.

Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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