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Great Britain medals document for Czechoslovakian fighter

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Hello all,

At first, sorry for my english. Im collector of medals from Czech republic, so I dont know enything about Great Britain medals. Only basic things. I have this document in my collection. It is a letter from British embassy to former RAF pilot. He was serving in 313. Czechoslovakia fighter squadron, but in 1944 he was transferred to Soviet Union, where Czechoslovakian airforce division was built.

So he could not got his medals for serving in RAF after the war and in 1991 he got them wit this letter. He got 1939/45 Star, Aircrew Europe Star and War medal. But unfortunately medals was lost and I have only this paper. And I want to buy this medals to complete it. My question is, are there any "late" versions of this medals which could be awarded in 1991 ? And my second question is, that there are lot of fakes of Brittish medals, as I see. Can you recomend me some internet shop, where can I buy real ones ? In Czech republic I saw only the fakes.

With best regards

Ondrej - Prague

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Ondrej - very nice to hear from you - and a most interesting story. It is not difficult to buy un-named WW2 British

medals - however, the Aircrew Europe will be the problem - it really is heavily copied.

Let's see what other members suggest - and also if they can recommend a genuine dealer who will have original medals. Mervyn

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