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    Marder III ausf H

    Laurence Strong

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    Italerie's 1/72nd scale with the link and length tracks. I usually don't have a big issue putting the link tracks on the drive wheels, however these are about 5 or 6mm long by about 2mm wide. I had a little trouble with them and they did not go perfectly straight. The figures are from the italerie Pak 40 with servants.

    It was built for a group build on the "Benno's Figures" forum

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    Took a long time to master the marsh pattern, however I think I have finally mastered it 18/0 or what I like to call 6 bristle brushed are the answer.

    Lurking on the table waiting to ambush some "Rus"

    Thanks for looking

    feel free to post your models. Always enjoy looking at other peoples works :cheers:

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