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RAF 1942 Presentation Badge

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I'm sure the majority of you are aware of the RAF 1942 Presentation Badge that was awarded to US citizens who served with the RAF prior to the US joining the war. I'm trying to do some research on these rare badges and not having much luck. I've been able to track down the location of ten of the badges in various collections, including one in my own. The badge is often reproduced and finding a real one is a challenge as those of you who have tried can attest to. There are a few bits of information I'm trying to find. I would like to try to track down how many of these badges were made in total. I've found badges with silver marks indicating they were made in 1942, 1943 and 1945 in the ten that I've found. There was also a presentation letter that went along with the badge. I'm desperately trying to find a scan or photo of that letter. If anyone can help I would be most interested in any assistance possible.

Here's a link to the badge page on my site: http://www.ww2wings....1942badge.shtml

I just joined the site today. Some of you may know my site, www.ww2wings.com, which I've run for many years. I'm always looking for new photos to add to the site so if anyone has anything they would like to contribute photos of please let me know.



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Thanks Jeff. That makes twelve I've tracked down. If you wouldn't mind could you take a look at the badge and see what year code is used for the silver mark? The "S" is for 1942, "T" for 1943, etc... I'm trying to see what the distribution is for when they were made.

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