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    English Masonry in the Empire


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    Just as Britain turned much of the map red during its heady days of empire and colonies in the 19th century, everywhere it went, Freemasonry followed in its wake.

    Here's a Past Grand Secretary's collar jewel from the District Grand Lodge of Bengal, and much bigger than today's versions.




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    Are there many lodges today left in India ?

    There was a Grand Lodge of India formed in 1961 and many of the Lodges on the UGLE roll were transferred across. However, a few chose to stay with UGLE and (referring to the 2000 Yearbook) there are still several District Grand Lodges over there:

    Bengal (24 Lodges)

    Bombay and Northern India (29 Lodges)

    Madras (18 Lodges)

    Pakistan (13 Lodges)

    Sri Lanka (9 Lodges)

    I know that includes Districts that are not strictly speaking India, but included them for an idea of the region, before anyone corrects me!

    Kind regards


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    For some reason, Masonry has survived in India, long after it ceased to be any sort of "Empire". Along with bagpipes and cricket, I guess . . . ??

    I attempted to watch some cricket on the Telly in Bombay, between musicals.

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