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Fake warning - Imperial German Auto- and Aero Corps daggers

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from time to time one can find an original dagger from the German Imperial Auto- or Aero Corps.

Since We have launched our web infos on www.germanautoandaerocorps.com and contributed an article about both organizations together with high-res photos  of the daggers and blade etchings to Tom Johnsons book about German Edged Weaponry, we see fakes of these rare daggers for sale on shows,  in the www, from well-known dealers or on forums.

Especially the unique Aero blade etching is one of the targets of these reproducers, most likely using the photos in Tom"s book as an etching template. This etching comes in gold on artificially etched "Damascus" blades as well as on reproduced Navy daggers, which is quite funny.

I'm posting here a quality fake which will fool most of the collectors because of the bone (not ivory!) grip and nicely artificially aged and well made fittings.

A real dagger like this would be a Bavarian Aero-Corps dagger. This organization did exist, but a dagger was neither obtained, nor even mentioned. Of course, even Bavarian Aero-Corps members could had worn daggers.

Caveat emptor !









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