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1935 Jubilee Medal - unofficially named

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Hi guys,

I have here one 1935 Jubilee Medal what is unofficially named on the rim to "R.C.S. TAYLOR PAYR GENCS OFFICE".

What you guys think, what that "Payr Gencs Office" means. Tax office??? Also like I understand medal rolls exist, in this case is it maybe possible to find out the owne's full name?

Please note: I already listed this medal up for a sale. But just for an interest I would like to find out more and learn. If any of you feels that they do not want to share information because that fact, please do not answer. Meantime I do not change the asking price upwards of the medal regards of extra info.

Kind Regards,

Timo aka Noor


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Thanks Mervyn. I listed it up with slightly higher price tag (nothing mad now... around 10 GBP extra from "good days" because the naming on it). Meantime I received his full name today from roll and I did quick research.... actually he was life long clerk, in place 1904 and raised well. Also he had OBE and later on "upgraded" Most Excellent Order of the British Empire Commander's class (CBE) in 40s. I presume he had 1937 Medal as well. Died 1953.

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